I want to do this!     Okay.     

I will if you will.      Okay.     

You first.      No, you.     

You.      No, really, you.      No, you.


How often have you wanted to do something, but you…just….. don’t…. do it? Maybe it’s going to an event, or purchasing something, or asking for an opportunity, or meeting someone you’re interested in? You want to, but you just can’t do what it takes to get it.

What stops you from being willing?

What. Stops. You?

Is it because of something else going on in your world? An unresolved situation? Is it because of someone else? Something they said or did? What causes you to not move forward? What force or forces do you blame for stopping you from being willing to go get what you want? Ahhh, there’s that word…..blame.

How easy it is to blame outside forces for blocking us from achieving our goals. How misguided we are for believing outside forces are actually the reason—because they aren’t.Willing We are what stops us every time.


We are the cause.

When I first started my business, it was because I couldn’t find advertisers for the magazine I sold advertising space for. I was very good at my job. I did everything right; made hundreds of calls, sent dozens of proposals, did countless follow-ups and visits but just couldn’t get enough business signed. Most of the industry I worked in was composed of small, small businesses without big ad budgets. Tired, frustrated and deflated, I started to give up. I started questioning my own ability. I blamed my situation on the market. Those businesses had too many options, and not enough sales. Everyone echoed the same sentiments.

Then one day when I was panicking about another space deadline short of budget, my mentor asked me what I was willing to do to succeed. “What if all these small businesses had an affordable option for help with marketing and advertising? Isn’t that what you know best? Would you be willing to become that affordable option?”

Oh yes, I felt the sting of that slap.

But the clouds parted, the sun burst out, and mercy me, the light came on in my world!

Become their affordable option!

Yes it was a risk.

Yes it was a lot of extra work.


Yes, I was willing to do it

Within the year, the magazine grew to record size, and ‘PR Brady, that Advertising Lady’ was born. I developed the reputation of being a dedicated caring partner, a trusted advisor, willing to go the extra mile to help my customers succeed. After all, when they did, so did I.

And we all lived happily ever after. I look back on those early days and have to smile. Wow, what if I would have given up, unwilling to try a new approach?

If you are not achieving your goals, check yourself. We alone stop ourselves from getting what we want. We are the real cause of our problem. We have the ability and the power to choose, yet we make the choice that stops us in our tracks. We assign our ’cause’ the undeserving importance it invades our mind with. We cannot change events that occur in life, but we always have the choice of how to respond. We have the right to take charge of our life and be willing to see things differently. See the path to achieve the goal.

It all starts with just being willing.

Are you willing to do what it takes?

Willingness to change something ignites the ability to change it.

Consider being willing.


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  1. My only regret is I’ve not walked the Appalachian Trail. Now that I’m older the neurapathy in my feet would only get me a mile or two a day…and at 2 miles a day, walking the 2100+ miles would take about 1000 days….or nearly 3 years. Too much to do.

    But I’ve been crossing things off my “bucket list” with haste and abandon…next up is a grouse hunt in Maine, fishing in Miami, going to Florida for the winter, then rafting the Grand Canyon followed by a trip to LA and finally scuba diving in Fiji with the bull sharks.


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