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PR’s 2016 Adventure Brief

August is my “Fiscal and New Year’s” review. It’s my time to reflect and plan.  It has now been 4 years since I left the hardcore, corporate whirlwind of black suits and briefcases, to pursue my passion for people, business and the outdoors, via PR Brady AdVentures.


“They say” it takes 5 years for a new business to succeed. According to my projections, if I don’t take some very deliberate steps the rest of the journey, I may not be able to continue.  So I am in the final steps of building my 2016-2017 structure and schedule.  The last year has been extremely challenging.  A few things will be changing, including me, and some fun, exciting new things are already in place; the results will hopefully be shared soon, and be worth the work.

Virtually everyone is a candidate for some part of PR Brady AdVentures’ services. This means more opportunity than I could ever fulfill in a lifetime.  On the other hand, quality versus quantity is more important to me in order to provide the most rewarding experience for those I work with, and why I continue to be conservative with marketing.

To my past clients I am so grateful for your trust and business. I know there are many options available for help with business strategy, marketing, advertising, personal and professional coaching, and event development.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to work with me.  Thank you for recognizing value in what I bring to the table. Thank you also for your referrals, they are golden!

To my business associates and collaborators; you have no idea how much I appreciate your faith in my ability to find exciting and creative ways for us to work together. Sharing your time, facilities, and expertise to make a positive impact on individuals and groups continues to be the best part of what I do.  I look forward to our ongoing business adventures.

To my network of supporters, thank you so much for actively engaging in my efforts as I try to build up my business.  Your personal and professional referrals and social media support have been and continue to be absolutely critical to my success.  Thank you also for your patience, and the occasional “ear”. They say the most important aspect of surviving a small business is for family and friends to be your biggest champions.

And finally,

To those individuals, my “guides”, especially back in those final corporate days: Thank you so much for challenging me to be true to myself!  You have been my biggest cheerleaders, encouraging me to “leap” with the hope that a net would appear, recognizing in me what I couldn’t see myself back then.  Initially I may have caught a foot in the web here and there, but now I’m becoming a better climber, and maintain a burning desire to succeed.  Just knowing you are still out there and available to me is a huge, ongoing comfort.

In closing, thank you all. I’m where I am because of you.  Whether you’re near or far from me, have a fantastic rest of your year; a happy, healthy life filled with inspiration and adventure.  Watch for exciting updates coming soon, and again, thank you for your continued support of PR Brady AdVentures.


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