What Does A “Seasoned Executive” Have To Do These Days To Get A Job? Tip 4 of 6

4.  Do Something Good

Sometimes, even the kindest of souls can get so caught up in the “me, myself and I” pity mode that the thought doesn’t even occur to them that someone else may be in the same boat, or worse.   Some of us pull the reigns in on our world so tight that we develop a closed “it’s not my problem” attitude.  Or perhaps we’ve spent years feeling somehow cheated and resentful, and are conditioned to be bitterly unwilling to extend a kind gesture towards others.

But we, as humans, are provided an impressive set of life tools to work with in order to be the best that we can be. They are all built into our bodies, our subconscious.  All we have to do is choose to use the tools. It can be easy to lose sight of the tool box when under the stress of trying to find a job.  All you can think about is how you are not providing for yourself and your family, and your perspective can go downhill in a handbag.

I’m not suggesting that it is “your” personal responsibility to drop coins in every single homeless cup, drive a route to pick up at least 15 stray animals a day or sign up for every cause out there with a $100 donation.  Goodness no, not any one of us should be the lone crusader and take on the worlds burdens.

What I am suggesting is that you choose to pick something good to do every day.

“Why should I? What’s in it for me?”  First off, because otherwise, what a dreadful way to approach life and expect to be happy.  Second, energy, whether it is positive or negative, is a very powerful phenomenon.  You will be surprised at how living a gracious, giving life will benefit you, especially if you are struggling yourself.

A great way to focus on the bright side of things is to simply do something good every day.  Find the inner strength to rise above how you are feeling and choose to commit some random acts of kindness.

It could be as simple as opening the door for someone.  Making eye contact and saying “good morning” to others you pass on the sidewalk.  Perhaps it’s letting someone in your traffic lane during rush hour, ahead of you in line at check-out, or  simply saying “that color looks great on you!” to the shy woman at the mall.

One day I was at Home Depot struggling to get several 2” x 4”s and pieces of plywood into the back of my truck.  At least four men passed me as I stood trying to load my purchases.  Then out of no-where came a woman, about 50 something, who just stepped up and helped me lift everything into my vehicle effortlessly.  She made my day. Her actions reminded me that even during those moments when we may feel so utterly all alone, we aren’t.

Perhaps you could choose to help in a volunteer capacity at a food shelf or other non-profit organization.  Spending time in an environment that assists the less fortunate, in whatever capacity you choose, can be a humbling eye opener, and a gratifying experience for both parties. Find a cause that resonates with you, and get involved.  And just consider this—what if the others who volunteer are people that can help leap-frog you into a connection for a job opportunity?  With networking, you just never know.

It is well known that what goes around, comes around.  Karma, baby, will get you every time.  Doing something good each day will lift your burden, change your outlook, empower you to know you’ve made a difference, and it will generate good Karma moving forward.

Oh, and by the way…..

It sure doesn’t hurt to have those volunteer experiences to talk about in your interviews….


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