Welcome To The Farm

As I look around from side to side of the road, I am humbled and amazed.  The cold, precarious drive south instantly became worth it once I headed down the long dirt driveway towards my new winter digs.

Woods with palmettos and moss filled hammocks; pastures and cows and fields. Welcome to farm life!  There is no beach here, that’s for sure.  I follow the narrow farm road.escape42

A rugged, tattered, one story wooden building stands at the end of the road; the Welcome Center.  There are several cars in the small parking area.  I park and walk up to the open door.  No one is there.  I walk through the small, rustic building, noting the walls are lined with shelves of honey, and toys, and other items for sale.  It feels like history here.  It feels like the salt of the earth here.  It is a quaint, sweet, homey place I instantly connect with.  They believe in the honor system, indeed…..I cross through to another door that leads the way out to an area where people are congregating.  Visitors are looking at the chickens.  Chickens?  I approach and watch along with them.


Oh oh.  I am hooked.  Totally hooked.  I love chickens.  This place has chickens.  Look at the babies!  Mama is teaching them how to scratch and hunt for food!  Look at that beautiful rooster!  How will I ever be able to leave?Welcome3




I meet the woman in charge:  Lanie.  With her hair tied back, clad in cowboy boots, dungarees and a worn, plaid cotton shirt, she is clearly a woman of the earth.  From this earth. She greets me, and we discuss where I will be staying.  It’s back down the dirt road I just came in on.  We spend the next hour trying to get me and the Toy Hauler turned back around.  There’s not enough room for me to turn around.  A white truck slowly approaches.  Charlie, the living legacy of this property, leans out the window and says “why don’t you just have her circle around through the cow pasture?”

I have been in some ‘situations’ with this Toy Hauler of mine, but I can’t say I’ve ever driven it through a cow pasture.  Now I can.  They open a cow gate across the road, just about 10 feet wide, and I pull through it, heading towards the cows, make a wide circle, and come back out, now able to get back down the driveway in the right direction.  I feel like a true country cowgirl somehow.  Laney hops in and we head to the “Learning Center” area.

A large, rustic one story screen house with a commercial kitchen attached, the Learning Center is just that, a place for people to gather and participate in learning programs.  Laney lives on site across the yard from it in an adorable little trailer she calls “The Tiny House”.   I pull up into the event parking area.  We get out and look at the options for where we will park me for the winter.  Tomorrow she will have her guy make it happen.  For now, just rest, renew, relax, and get comfortable.  I take the kids for a walk to get a peek at the place.

I am home!  This place is exactly where I am supposed to be!  I am so blessed.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.  I feel overwhelmed with peace.  I feel overwhelmed with joy.  I feel overwhelmed with….

OMG, what was that?

OH!  What was that noise?

I peer into the thick moss and palmettos.  Alligators? Nothing.  Hmmm.  I wait.  Jack is all ears, looking into the brush with me.  We wait.  Listening.  I hear something again. Welcome4 I look up to discover oranges hanging from a moss filled tree.  What?  How cool is that?  Then I catch a flicker of movement.  Suddenly a deer busts through the brush and off to the left.  It is catching up to—it looks like—catching up to another 4 deer.  But wait, I see yet another 3, no, 4 deer.  I can’t get a firm count, but it appears there is a herd of perhaps 10 deer right in front of us.  They carefully step through the woods in front of us.

Oh oh.  I am hooked.  Totally hooked.  This place has deer.  Many deer.  This feeds my soul, even if I cannot hunt them. And look at the fruit trees! How will I ever be able to leave?

We continue on, following a fence line.  I look out into that field and spot two horses.  WHAT?   Oh oh.  I am hooked.  Totally hooked.  I love horses.  This place has horses.  I am instantly reminded of days gone by with my sweet Precious, and Sassy Girl.  I miss having a horse so much.  This place has horses.  How will I ever be able to leave?

Welcome1We continue on, ending up back at the Welcome Center.  Poinsettia is growing in front of their wrap around deck.  The chickens are milling around.  Jack is getting anxious and pointing them.  The girls spot the chickens and are curious.

This place is fantastic!

We turn around and head back to the Toy Hauler.  It’s been a long day.  Feeling like I’m in a dream, a very happy dream, I get everyone settled and fed, and we turn in for the night.  It’s 60 degrees.  I open the windows and look out to see a little vineyard. A vineyard?  This can’t be for real!  A VINEYARD?  I’m in heaven.

Welcome to the farm, indeed.

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  1. This place sounds amazing! Are you staying here for the winter instead of where you were last year? What an adventure!

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