Two Potato Salad

TwoPotatoSaladMom always made the best potato salad. I still remember being a small kid reaching hard to see over the kitchen counter—and would watch her boiling the eggs and potatoes, carefully peeling skins off, cooling the ingredients. We all loved her potato salad. Then after she passed, dad tried to duplicate it. Being a baker and old school chef himself, he put his own spin on it, and wha-la, yet another equally yummy creation of taters and eggs was born.

So here is a combination of their best recipes, along with my own tweaking. A tasty crowd pleaser any time of the year, for any occasion. Enjoy!

4-5 large sweet potatoes

4-5 large Yukon potatoes

8 eggs

4 stalks of celery

1 bunch green onions

1c Real Mayo

½ c Sour Cream

¼ c Brown Mustard

1 t salt

2 t sugar

½ t cumin

½ t dill seed

1 small jar pimentos (optional)

  • Peel the potatoes, place them in a pot of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes or until they just start to become “not hard”. Keep a close watch, you want them to be cooked, but not soft enough to become mashed potatoes if you try to stir them.
  • Allow potatoes to cool, then cut them into cubes (about ¼ inch cubes) and place in a large bowl. Again, make sure they are holding their shapes, or you will end up with a mashed potato mess.
  • Take the celery stalks and slice them thin (about 1/8” slices) and add to the bowl.
  • Cover 8 eggs in water and cook to hard boil.
  • Peel and slice the eggs and set aside.
  • Cut up the onion greens into about ½ inch pieces (I use a scissors—it’s fast!) and set aside.
  • In a separate bowl, combine mayo, sour cream, mustard salt, sugar, cumin and dill seed and mix until completely blended.
  • Pour the mixture over the potatoes and celery and toss to coat. Carefully fold in the eggs, onion, and pimentos.
  • Chill the mixture for an hour before serving.

Makes a party load of salad—at least enough for 12 people!

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