Toy Hauler Tale, Part 4

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Tow I Go

Or so I thought.

How naive of me to think that I’d be taken care of today.   Saturday must be a day of rest. The techs didn’t have instructions to work on my unit.  My sales guy is off with other people making money, and I am hanging out with the American Eskimo owners who are about ready to kick this dealer’s ass on my behalf.  The vinyl wall is still not installed.  I still don’t know how to properly hook up.  I don’t know anything about the waste system or how to dump it.   One of the techs stops by and wants to know why I’m still there….   ?  No one seems to have been given instructions to take care of me. 

Good grief. 

Did I happen to mention, I am feeling so very nervous about this whole purchase experience?

The only redeeming piece of this saga was when the manufacturer VP stepped in and got things done.  What a Godsend.  Maybe it’s time to call him again?

But then here comes the salesman on the golf card, smiling like everything is going well. 

“When is my vinyl wall being installed?” I ask.

“What?  That’s not done?  Oh I’ll go check…..”and he is gone again.

In the meantime, I see the technician supervisor and ask him about the vinyl wall, and also when is someone going to actually make the needed changes for the DVD player.  He wasn’t informed any of that was happening.  He’ll check into it.

Getting those two things accomplished took the entire day.  And then, just before the sun started going down, a tech came to show me how to attach the sway y bars and chains.  This did not go smooth.  I was unable to manage what was needed and he could barely get them on either. I sensed there was something wrong, but didn’t know what it was.  The degree to which I don’t know what I don’t know is staggering.  We struggled with it for quite some time.  We’ve got to get onto the 4th link but can’t even get to the 2nd.

My God, I’ll never be able to do this alone.  In addition to having lost all confidence in the Dealer, I am quickly losing confidence in my ability to manage this 28 foot beast at all.

Along comes the salesman, all smiles.   He hands me a bunch of papers. 

“Where is my owner’s manual?”

“Manual?  There is no manual.  You can go on line and see a manual.”

OMG.  I think about the couple of times Buddy and I tried to pull information from the web at Secret Spot Park, and we were unsuccessful.  Why in the world would these people not send me away with a manual?   ARGHHHHHH!!!   I just can’t keep this crap up.  I just want to get out of here.  I cannot even respond to him.

Meanwhile we are still trying to figure out how to get the chains to hook up correctly.  I do not understand what they are talking about with the whole process of leveling, but apparently the trailer hitch is pointing down, and so is the back end of the truck.  It needs to be level. The sun is going down and I cannot be pulling out of there in the dark not knowing what to do.  My salesman says he will be the one to take me out for the driving lesson and get me ready for the road, after he checks email and gets coffee and goes to the morning meeting.  He will stop by between 8:30 and 9:00 so,

Relax.  We’ll finish in the morning.


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