Toy Hauler Tale, Part 3

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Tow I Go

Or so I thought.

First thing Friday morning I drive over to the retail store and return the $80 hose.  The gal behind the counter commented that she didn’t understand why I was buying it in the first place—one should of come with the starter kit. 

Well you can probably guess what kind of conversation that turned into…and to really escalate things, she says she does not even recognize my sales guy, didn’t know who he was.

Did I happen to mention, I am feeling so very nervous about this whole purchase experience?

A day of pacing around the campground, waiting, waiting, waiting for things to get done, my salesman to drive up in the golf cart and not know the answer to my questions, and talking to campers who don’t understand why I am still there.  What the heck, I’m making new friends.  The dog show is going on in Ocala, and my camp neighbors are there with 5 beautiful, award winning American Eskimo dogs.  I met a fun couple of gals who just bought the cutest little camo camper.  They tell me about how they were somehow locked into it last night—some malfunction with the door.  How hilarious.

Oh today we went to the office so I could write a check for another $600 or so dollars for the hitch mechanism they attached to my truck so I can tow and have lights.  I am exhausted with frustration.  I am running down the list of specifications that are supposed to be met. 

“How do you tell if you have propane in the tank?  Just want to confirm, sales guy, both these tanks are full, right?  How do I tell when they are not?”

Oh…yeah, about that…..”well they can’t be giving two full tanks of propane”.  I can have either one full one or two half full tanks.  “Hey we aren’t making any money on this, ya know….”

Yup, he really said it.

The world around my exciting Toy Hauler purchase finally crashed and burned. It was much more pleasant when I was dealing with my sales guy’s boss.  Maybe since my sales guy doesn’t know…we need to get ahold of the boss.  But no!  Don’t do that!  He will go figure it out.  Over, and over, and over.  Off into the sunset with the golf cart, returning hours later with half an answer, and it’s not even a good one. 

“It’s Friday. When am I going to be shown how to drive this thing, hook and unhook and level it?”

“And oh, I was advised by one of the techs that this piece here can lift up and it could cause the trailer to dis-attach. Where is the pin to thread through there to keep it attached?” (Take a guess how many times I ask that question before I leave the dealership).

“What is going to be done about the dining table?  One corner is crushed.  And the trim along the countertop is coming loose….”

“Why do I only have one key?”

“Oh and by the way, the DVD player isn’t working, it needs to be working.”

And on, and on and on.  My list of concerns is almost laughable it’s so long!

“I’ll check into that…and that…and that….” and away he buzzes off on the golf cart.  He returns a couple hours later with a passenger on the cart.   He tells me that the DVD player is a music DVD player so I will have to get my own DVD player.

OHHHHh my head hurts.  The unit installed in my Toy Hauler is a Jenson CD/DVD/Radio/Ipod player. 

Did I happen to mention, I am feeling so very nervous disgusted about this whole purchase experience?

It takes an awful lot to get me to the point, but I’m absolutely there–I am so done with this sales guy.  I walk away. I have to, for both of our sakes. It’s time to escalate.  Since I apparently can’t call the sales manager, I call the manufacturer VP I met. He was very much a part of the sales transaction and seemed like a knowledgeable, reasonable guy.

“Please, please help me, I am so tired of fighting tooth and nail on everything that is supposed to happen and I’m feeling so taken advantage of and nickel-dimed”.   

The manufacturer VP calms me down, agrees this just isn’t right, and says, no worries, he’ll handle it. Go take a break. Fabulous.  Deep breath.  Thank you so much.

I leave to cool off, get some lunch and do some more stress shopping.  I take my American Eskimo neighbors advise and go to Fat Boys BBQ for the most amazing “all you can eat” ribs lunch I’ve ever experienced.  A girl can eat a lot of ribs under stress.  These folks just kept bringing them on, no questions asked.  I think I about bankrupted them in ribs.

When I return, my sales guy arrives on the cart with a new attitude, and some answers.  Yes, I’ll have two tanks of propane, working on the DVD player plug, (because yes it is a DVD player and just needed the plug) getting things set up for driving lesson, and this, and that, and he is clearly relaying what was told to him…the sun is going down, and it’s clear I won’t be pulling out of there today.

Back to the campground. 

Relax.  We’ll finish in the morning.




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