Above them, the blackness is heavily sprayed with twinkling diamonds.  Three women lay, side by side, on an old comfortable blanket on the bank, gazing at the star studded sky.

“It’s so beautiful.”

“Yes it is.”

They are mesmerized.

“Look!  A shooting star!”

And their heads all turn right to follow the streak across the sky.

A new game has begun.  Watch for a shooting star.  They stare intently in silence.

Oh, how their friends are missing out.

This is the place to be.  At one with this vast universe.

Three friends, bonding under the stars.  At one with the cosmos.

“Who’s on first?”  Another round of Wild Turkey Honey shots magically appear. They prop up on elbows and drink.

“There’s one!”

And the three heads turn to follow the streak across the sky.

“Oh it’s so amazing up here.”  The ‘Right Woman’ sighs.

“Yes.  Look at those stars.  Doesn’t that cluster there look like a turtle?” Says the ‘Middle Woman’.

A loud silence spreads across the blanket as the three women stare intently at the bright lights, looking for a turtle.

“Oh, yes, that’s Tortamus.” says ‘Left Woman’.

“Tortamus?” questions ‘Middle Woman’.

“Yes, the constellation Tortamus”.  Left  affirms with a sly, undetected smile.  “After the Greek God, Tortamus.”

“Wow.  How do you know that?”  Middle Woman says with awe.

The three lay there on the blanket on the bank, contemplating life, watching for shooting stars, imagining a Greek God-Turtle-being.

Right W — What’s that over there?  Doesn’t that look like… like….like a fish?”

Middle W — Where?  Where do you see that?

Right W– “There.  See?”

Middle W– “No.  Oh, over there?”

Left W — “Oh, yes.  Yes.  You know what that is?”  She sits up, distributing another round of Wild Turkey Honey.

They drink.

Right W — “This is really good.”

Middle W — “So what is it”?

“Why, that’s the constellation Wallarious”.  Left Woman says in a very calm, controlled voice.

Right W — “Wallarious?

Left W — “Yes, after the Greek God of Fresh Water Fishing.”

Middle W — “Wow.  Really?  I never knew that! How do you know this stuff?”

Right W – “you mean, like Walleye?”

Left W — “Exactly.”

Loud silence once again, as two of the three contemplate the fish constellation, Wallarious. The third, desperately trying to hold back the need to burst out in gut wrenching laughter.

“No…no way.  You are joking, right?” Says ‘Right’.

‘Left’ smiles, thoughtfully planning her next words.  “What do you mean?  Of course I’m serious.  Look there, Wallarious is directly above the constellation Bassoleeus….”

Their shared space becomes very, very still.

Suddenly, three women burst into giggles and roll about on their soft blanket, launching into a hysterical laughter, echoing  across the great waters in front of them, and up to Greek Fish Heavens above.

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