The Last “Front-ier”

Florida isn’t always the Sunshine state. Tonight is a prime example. 

It rained all day today.  A front came in with a wind advisory attached to it.  The temperature has dropped to 40 something.  The 25 mph wind is whipping my Coleman tent so hard the tie downs are humming.  It is 9:30 and it’s going to be a long night.  All three dogs are trying to curl up on the cot with me.  I can hear the cook tent sides flapping loud, hard and fast, and I’m wondering how many more times tonight I will need to get up and check all my stakes and ties. Perhaps I’ll wake up to shredded tarps.  It’s 10:45.  I’m wondering if my coffee pot is going to bite the dust tonight, or maybe the whole cook table set up.   I’m wondering if the tent will be impaled by a palmetto branch, or if it’s even possible. Perhaps the whole campsite will end up blown into the ocean bay.  It’s almost midnight.  I’m wondering if this cold and wind will keep the raccoons away for a change.  It is certainly keeping my dogs quiet and close. On the cot with me—how do I begin to describe how uncomfortable that is?

But, that’s ok.  I’m actually enjoying tonight.  Enjoying the rustic feel of “comfort under the covers, with just a twinge of “fear factor”.  I’m ok with this, even for a few days.  Laying here looking up at the nylon ceiling and sides ripple, and listing to branches rustle. We are warm, dry, and apparently not going to be blown away.  It’s rewarding to know what I set up is standing up to the elements.  With every shuddering thrust of gusting air we survive, I am reminded of how good I am at this. 

Yeah, bring it on.  Tonight, tomorrow, and even into early next week if need be.  I am ok with a lingering weather challenge.  Because, our adventure is taking a turn very soon.

This afternoon I bought a new toy….hauler!



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  1. What’s the big an?

  2. OK, now you’ve got me curious, PR. Just what kind of adventure are you doing here? I have poked around… I am new here. Are you living in a tent for a while or is this a permanent situation? Why are you doing it? You may want to put a little permanent post at the top so that we can get up to date if we are new here? Or perhaps a page for us newbies? Sounds like an interesting adventure!

    • Hey Amy,
      Good questions, newbie! I do have a permanent post at the top–or at least did…thanks for letting me know its dissapeared! I’ve reached out to my webmaster for some help. Yes this is turning out to be quite an adventure. I will take your advice and post some ‘Instructions’ for catching up. But for now, just know that except for just a few business posts, my entire blog started with this adventure, automatically posts most recent first. I’ve been traveling since November with 85 posts worth of stories so far, and still trying to catch up to realtime. If you want to read my adventure in order, it starts at the VEEEERRRRYYYY bottom of oldest posts. 🙂

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