The Icy Igloo

Convenience. What a big word, and tall order when you don’t have any, aren’t near any, but would like some.  What was ‘convenience’ to our forefathers?    What is ‘convenience’ to people today living in third world countries?  What is convenience to you?

For me, it takes on many meanings.  Some are more vain than others, from keeping a hairbrush on the lower level and the upper level at home, to my recent upgrade from traveling the country with minimal gear to pulling a fully stocked “home on wheels”.  And now it also IcyIgloo2means not having to drive 30 miles to town for ice every day.

Even with the all the amenities that come with having an RV, one thing is for certain:  The fridge and freezer are too, too small!  After the upgrade, I still found myself keeping all liquids outside in coolers, and driving to town for ice every day.  How inconvenient!

But all that has changed now.  I found the magic answer at Walmart for $99.00 plus tax.  The Igloo ice maker has been my Florida winter savior!

This little machine cranks out a serving glass of beautifully roundedIcyIgloo3 ice cubes every 10 minutes or so.  Even out in the elements in 80 plus degrees!  It is compact, stylish, and quiet running.  It tells you when it’s out of water.  It provides the option to generate big cubes or mini cubes.  As long as the water reservoir is kept full of water, the Igloo will provide perfect ice cubes continuously.

For me, that meant 3 months straight, rain or shine and no matter how tropical the temperature got.  I have done the happy dance more than once because of my Igloo.  It paid for itself in one season, simply by me not having to drive and purchase ice elsewhere.  The sound of brand new ice cubes dropping into the tray makes me smile—my Igloo tells me when the ice tray is full, and if I don’t retrieve the ice promptly it will simply melt away, and re-circulate, creating fresh new ice cubes once again.  Guaranteed, any time I do set up a minimal gear trip where there is electric provided at a campground, my Igloo ice maker will come with me.  What a difference this will make in menu choices and keeping food, plus, no more driving to get ice!

IcyIgloo1Visitors are always surprised and somewhat in awe at my sturdy little ice making machine.  What an amazing convenience! Unfortunately the raccoons think so too.  But how convenient to discover this cute wooden crate for $7.00 at Home Depot that fits perfectly over the Igloo to ward off those masked scavengers?

Warm weather winter life is good when there is ample ice in it.

Since returning home, I noticed there was something missing.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first.  Then it hit me—one day I went out to the Toy Hauler, retrieved my Igloo, and set it up in my kitchen. The sound of that first set of brand new ice cubes dropping into the tray, once again made me smile.  Images of palm trees, beaches, sunsets, and tall cool drinks all came rushing to mind.

Life is good when there is an Igloo ice maker in it any time.

Why would you through the summer without one?




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