The Big Reveal on My Memorial Weight Goal

How did it get to be June already? While I’m a little late in checking in, at least it’s with good news.   Once again there are victory flags a-flyin’.  I’m pleased to report a final update how I did with shedding those 25 pounds by Memorial Day.

Yes, I am happy to say I’ve completed the weight loss challenge and am feeling pretty darn awesome!

Seems like dieting is all about food rules, restrictions, and strenuous exercise, doesn’t it?

“Pffffffffft” !!! Not for this girl!

It’s been 5 months since I started my wellness journey. In regards to eating, I never really felt like I’d “given up” anything to eat, although I did choose to omit certain things for 30 days during the Cleanse and Restore Challenge in January just for the principal of following more of a Keto/Paleo diet.  It really wasn’t a big deal to do knowing it was temporary.  If you have been keeping up with my story, the Cleanse and Restore Challenge truly set the stage for me to prepare to make some modifications to my lifestyle habits.  It was an interesting process that reignited a sense of health, strength and energy I thought I’d lost forever.   Check out the series of blog posts I’ve written describing my journey.

Completing the Cleanse so successfully inspired me to keep going, resulting in me dropping 2 ½ sizes in 5 months, and not just 25 pounds, but a whopping 28 pounds – pounds that just weren’t serving me well. Dang I pulled out my summer pants from last year, dressed real quick and shot out the door to get groceries, and spent the whole time trying to keep my pants on! Say—what?  It’s true; they literally were dropping off of me. I don’t understand how these people who purposefully wear their pants hanging down off their butts can stand that feeling!  It was quite the awkward experience!

Sorry. I digress.  Okay, so here’s the most interesting part of losing the weight:

I didn’t exactly “follow the rules” of health and wellness to get here. The whole philosophy of being kind to your body?  Ha. That went right out the window.  I did not live with moderation or get 8 hours of sleep a night—I averaged a frightening 3 ½ to 4.  Why would I not be getting enough sleep? Well because I did not have a balanced work/personal life—I worked full time, (still) go to school full time, and manage 2 small businesses.  Yup, I didn’t follow my own advice of establishing boundaries and work/life balance.  My mantra of “Less” was cast to the side these last 5 months.  And what should have happened is, I should have failed miserably at achieving my goal because the stress of my day to day should have totally thrown my system out of whack.

But it didn’t, and here’s why.

I practiced yoga and meditation daily. Hard to believe?  That’s all? How could I even have time for that, and why would I stop everything to make time for something like that?  Well, I have always been a high achiever in life, much like Nike’s “JUST DO IT”, but over the years as I’ve evolved and found deeper reasoning as to how I’m able to do as much as I do. I’ve become more in tune with the base, or the root of self-care.  I believe achieving virtually anything is tied into a Three Part Intention based on Understanding.

Understanding of your mind (rational thinking)

Understanding of your heart (emotional)

Understanding of your body (honoring what your body needs)

That said, I made a conscious decision to put myself through a period of time of over extending, with a very specific structure and purpose behind it, knowing that overextending was a temporary situation with an end date. I wanted to change.  I wanted to improve my health (mind).  I wanted to get back into my clothes (emotional).  I wanted to be able to enjoy the things I used to do again (body).  It wasn’t a situation I was “sucked into” with no control over.  I had complete control.  Nose to the grindstone, I was focused and driven.  I chose to commit to a set of circumstances in order to obtain the results I wanted. Having that level of clarity is psychologically key in managing stress—I mean consciously managing stress.  It seemed like knowing I’m in charge made it all so do-able.  There was no stress.  And if there’s no stress, your mind and body doesn’t shut down and refuse to cooperate.

So I began each day the same way, with a short “wake up” work out that starts in bed, and ends on the floor next to the bed, becoming yoga, and then ending with meditation. This (still) happens from 4:45 to 6:00 each day.  What I did run out of time for was other forms of exercise. On average I headed to the gym after my meditation and got on an elliptical about two or three times a week for maybe 30 minutes tops.  That became very difficult if I was to get to work by 8:00 am with my geriatric dogs doing unexpected things in the morning. That’s right; my entire weight loss experience was completely VOID of heavy duty sweaty workout sessions.  The rest is history.

My body has definitely changed. My life has most certainly changed. I have maintained an increased energy and stamina all year.  Even with just a few hours, I sleep like a log and wake up refreshed most of the time. My physical condition remains fantastic and pain free.  This has become my new normal, and I love it.

Of course, there are dozens of additional things I did to achieve this weight transformation goal, but I’m saving those gems for a workshop I’m doing. For now what I can share is; I feel like I did not go on a diet.  I changed my lifestyle.  Having done THAT requires very little maintenance.  Yoga and meditation is like breathing for me.  I eat pretty much whatever I feel like eating—I just happen to feel like eating a little differently.  I continue to drink lots and lots of water with essential lemon oil–about 64 ounces of water a day– to flush out the toxins our bodies are subjected to every day.   Of course I continue to use the Life Long Vitality Supplements as a staple part of my daily routine.  The PB Assist (probiotics) and the TerraZyme (digestive enzyme complex) are products I continue to use for maintenance as well.  I incorporate essential oils to protect my immune system, assist with curbing food cravings, and to increase my metabolism.  My life is joyful.  I am filled with gratitude. I love where I am, and where I’m going.

But my work contract just completed (heavy sigh)! Now that I’ve got an additional — OH MY! — 50 hours a week to work with, what EVER will I do with that time?  First off, I’m going to break out my box of “I’ll never get into these pants again” pants and stow away my ‘pants on the ground’ pants. I’ll ramp up my exercise program—more cardio and more core muscle group specific strength training, along with my daily Yoga, and regular meditation.  Time to melt away the jiggly bits and firm up.   I have a new goal.  I want to be able to pull back and shoot my bow at 57 pounds again, and hunt this fall.  After all, girls’ gotta eat.

Bow opener is usually around the 15th of September.  Will. She. Do. It?


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