The Art of Delegating Part 3 – Secure “Buy In” With Conviction

Just because you asked to have it done, doesn’t mean it will get done.  Or be done well.

You’d like to see your people step up and do more than just the literal basic job. In fact you expect it, because that’s how YOU work.  Sure, they moved the boxes over to the other side of the room like you asked, but made no effort to align the boxes neatly in the new location.

How can you make sure your employee is not only committed to doing the task, but embraces the opportunity to do it well?

Do they believe the quality of the job they do is a reflection on them?  Or are they just going through the motions throughout the day, because their perception is; it’s ‘just a job’ and anyone could do it, or worse yet ‘who else is going to step up and do it’?

Don’t assume they are automatically buying into the job they are given.  ArtOfDelegating3The job is often at the bottom of the “I care about this” list.  Family, finances, and health will always trump “job” in the subconscious mind.  Make the effort to find their “commitment trigger”.  What motivates them in life?  What would motivate them to want to be a top performer?

Find their Trigger!

Describe the task in a personal way that addresses their needs, and reinforces the importance, and benefits, of going beyond the basic requirements.  Approach the discussion in a positive way, include all the details, and speak to some aspect of what your employee cares about.

Then provide quantitative measurements for reaching success.  Perhaps a FAIR, GOOD, EXCELLENT scale for them to strive for.  “When your performance is “Good” I am especially pleased.  When performance is “Excellent” the entire management team takes notice and is pleased.”  Make sure they understand the elements they are being held accountable for in achieving results at each level. Then, step back and let them work without being micro managed.  Responsibility and authority go hand in hand.

Have you experienced bad delegation as an employee? Have you struggled with delegation as a manager? We would love to hear about your experiences. Feel free to share this post with others who may find value and interest in exploring limitless possibilities with PR Brady AdVentures.

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