Teensy Weensy Trailer

What does efficient mean to you?  I would look for simple, thorough, compact, reliable, and sturdy.  No doubt, they nailed the list with this outdoors rig.  The first time I saw the teensy weensy trailer, I was in love. For the longest time I thought it was a dog kennel trailer.  Most every day when I walk the kids down the camper road, I see the tiny little trailer, backed up to a 10×10 green canopy, with some lawn chairs, a table under it, and miscellaneous items that would make you think someone must be staying there.  But there is never a vehicle, or person.  What a smart set up they created.  I bet they could pull the trailer with a car! 

Well as luck would have it today I finally meet the campers owner, the great Ken Bruland, president of Inland Seas Kayaking in Michigan.  He is never around camp because he is always away working for the largest Kayak dealer in the Tampa area, or is on another exciting paddling exploration in the area.  I just happen to catch him in camp, and he is more than willing to show me around so I can learn some of the details of his cute custom camper. 

030The outside is metal, and has a large cargo rack in front for storing gear, either on top of or inside of a large storage bin. It is set up for solar power, so he really doesn’t need to rely on plugging into power to survive. The backside opens down to display a fully loaded gourmet quality kitchen that is basically as deep as a average counter, with clearly marked and organized shelves running up the sides.  Inside the trailer  is a large comfortable bed, power for lights and computer and more storage it has an awning that shelters the entrance from the elements.  The green canopy off the back end expands his living space further, much like I did with mine.  He is able to pull this trailer with a small SUV, and carry multiple kayaks on top of the car effortlessly.  If I didn’t have 3 dogs and an obsession with wine, I’d be perfectly happy in a rig just like his.

Ken is a part time resident of Florida, spending winters here, and summers at his business on Beaver Island.  The only way to get to Beaver Island Michigan, is by boat or plane.  The largest island on Lake Michigan, it spans about 55 square miles.  It’s roughly 13 miles long, and about 6 miles wide.  You can bring your car across on the Ferry, or rent a car or bike. Ken is the resident outdoors expert on the island.  He rents kayaks, does eco-tours in recreational kayaks, and provides sea kayak instruction and trips to the outer islands that run  from 1/2 day to multi-day in length. He conducts, map and compass classes, survival training, “astronomy nights” and is willing to help you with just about anything “outdoors.”

The sad news is, Ken will be retiring soon.  He would love to pass his business on to the next interested outdoors expert, so he can finally go off and simply en031joy some non-work related quiet time in the outdoors. In the meantime, he plans to move from Secret Spot to Tampa to be closer to the action.  He is equally intrigued with my Toy Hauler, and stops by to check it out. 

Space and needs.  When you think about it, it’s all relative.  I left my 3 bedroom home and garage and yard to live in a tent, and now have ended up with the Toy Hauler.  As important as it all seems when I’m there, throughout this is whole time I’ve not missed being home, or the things that I’ve left there. It’s amazing how we can get by with, and even enjoy or prefer something other than what we are accustomed to.  Ken has absolutely everything he needs and loves with him right now yet he describes himself as “homeless” between traveling with this trailer all winter, and being home on the island with his business all summer.  Well I’m starting to see the wisdom and agree with my Canadian friends’ idea that “home is where you park it”, and would argue that Ken is far from homeless with his teensy weensy trailer!

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