Sweet Savannah

Our Savannah adventure is far more intriguing now that I have a base camp.  Kyle gave me the heads-up on parking tips in town.  The meters only go until 5:00 during the week and in Emmet Park on the River, street parking is free all weekend.

This changes everything.  Maybe I’ll stay here a few days! 

After driving around and back in the squares, I decided to take the dogs out exploring.  What a handful!  We walked and walked, up and down the streets of Historic Savannah, visiting square after square, 23 in all.  Three dogs, pulling 3 directions—I believe my arms grew two inches, and it felt like jumping rope, navigating the leashes.

 This town is home to many famous films, including Forrest Gump (we stopped and sat on that famous bench) and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (it was really interesting to see the homes and squares used for that set).  We walked past The Olde Pink House, known for amazing food and a fabulous “High Tea”.

Savannah is also home to many dog owners.  We came up on many new two and four legged friends, and my three were in euphoria, sniffing and marking to their hearts content.  And such an eclectic cross section of people!  We met at least a dozen residents that came to Savannah from Europe, and several from California. What a friendly town this is.  And now we are coming up on Lafayette Square.

Suddenly Buddy froze in place.  He spotted her all the way across the park.  She was being walked by an absolute “silver fox” of a man.  Ah yes, the graceful Afghan.  With her long blonde hair flowing like a cool summer breeze, her long legs and elegant strides, he was completely enamored.  It could have been the canine version of Bo Derek in “10”.  In just a few seconds she caught wind of Buddy as well, and the fun began.  Both dogs tugging to close that gap across the park and make a love connection—well soon I was in a conversation with the Silver Fox man and our dogs were in an entangled butt sniffing frenzy. Granted my girls were unimpressed and decided to flank us and lay down, we joked that they looked like miniature Afghans.  We chatted about the dogs, and the day, and Savannah in the summer, and the outdoors, and how this dog was his X girlfriends.  We visited for at least half an hour.  In closing he offered me a driveway to park my vehicle any time.  Ok, time to go…..and as we walked away from this man and his dog, Buddy kept turning back with a forlorned love-lost look, the girls were on to finding new spots to sniff and I reflected on our conversation, his demeanor, his British accent, and how familiar he seemed—I think from a movie I saw—and…OMG that was some movie star guy!  I spun around but they were already gone.

So we continued up and down the squares, eventually finding ourselves on the River Street waterfront.  People stopped us to pet the dogs, talk about the dogs, ask if I knew where the Paula Deen place was.  We circled back to the truck and I locked up the dogs so I could boldly go back to where no credit card of mine had gone before.

Yep, I did some shopping on that waterfront.  Not sure what this is all about, but OF COURSE, I found more Christmas ornaments.  I found the most darling items at Village Craftsmen, made by local artisans–little angels made from seashells.  Now I just need a tree… and the Savannah Bee Company—oh yes, honey and honey based products, and then of course there was The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, makers of the worlds best sweet Georgia Pecans….and where else can one find the best ethnic music than at the Earthbound Trading Company, and wait, more ornaments at the Riverfront Plaza and outdoor market, and, need I go on?

Yes, I see a pattern forming……

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  1. Awe…Savannah and Georgia on my mind! I’ve enjoyed a walk down memory lane. As a read your posts, I could smell air heavy with humidity and pretend I was back on one of the squares! I grew up in Athens and we traveled the two lane state highway many times to Savannah. I’ll dream tonight of my native state!

    I’ll be following you as you journey and blog!

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