Sugar Me Bare

Ladies and Gents, hair removal doesn’t have to be a painful experience—just try Sugaring.  Sugaring can be used on legs, brows, nose, ears, face, bikini line, under arms, or anywhere you have unwanted hair.

Where to go for the best Sugaring treatment ever—

Estrella Apothecary and Spa
Holistic Skin Care, Therapeutic Massage, Natural Nail Care       
2515 Nicollett Ave S Suite C
Minneapolis MN 55404

Ask for Skin Care and Beauty Specialist, Orrin Black

Orrin is one of 20 elite official Educators for Alexandria Professional, the longest established Worldwide Leader of the Professional Sugaring Education Process.  You want him to be your Sugaring provider.sugar2

Orrin is an amazing professional, focusing on Body Sugaring and makeup applications and lessons.  He is devoted to working with both women and men clients, giving them exactly what they need to look and feel their best about their skin.  Short list of his services include: Full Body Sugaring, Kisswaxing, Male Grooming and Manscaping, Salt Glow Scrubs, and Hungarian Wellness Mudwraps.

Go ahead and tame the gorilla in you, Sugar!

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  1. I’d love it if you took the space to tell me more about what the heck sugaring IS!

    • Thanks for the comment, Kate. Yesterday I posted “Pour Some Sugar On..” under my Girl Outdoors blog section that gives the information about sugaring.

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