SD0620132 Are We There Yet? Part 2

The eight hour drive west across Highway 12 feels more like eight years; especially driving past miles of devastation from the massive storm system that blew across the state this past week.  So many destroyed out-buildings!  So many uprooted trees and flooded fields!  So much to clean up and repair!  So much loss.  All the way to the western border, the power of the storms wrath is evident.  How do the farmers recover from such devastation?  The drive is sobering, and sad. One storm can take out an entire town’s livelihood.  Nothing should ever be taken for granted.

I drive on, now hoping to make an additional stop at the nearest RV Dealer that is open.  Assuming my calculations are spot on, I should arrive to Aberdeen just as Liebelt RV’s is opening the doors.  But no, I progress as far as the Minnesota border only to discover a detour is in place.  Is this due to the storm?  Local traffic is being stopped and redirected off highway 12, north about a mile and west across a rural road.  There is no other option. Okay then. We press on, noticing there is no evidence of storm destruction on the west side of the border.  Everything looks lush, healthy and green. Back roads with the Toy Hauler are great as long as there is pavement.  Wait.  What happened to the pavement? 

We are being directed “off road” to an unpaved maintenance road that goes about 2 miles.  I cannot drive more than 20 miles per hour, or the trailer bounces so hard it feels like it will snap off the hitch.  It’s a long couple of miles of dirt road.  So much for reaching the RV Dealer when they open.

By lunchtime I’ve made it to Aberdeen and to Liebelt’s. Their customer service folks are sympathetic and understanding, but they have no one available to work on my Toy Hauler right now. The owner says he will look at it just to make sure they have what they need to fix it. We walk over to my rig and I open the door. What a nightmare. Stuff scattered everywhere, doors and drawers opened, barely room to step.  He gives me a puzzled look; “Wow, did you go off road?”

“You could say that.”

 “How long do you think before I can have the electric repaired?”  I ask.

“Well, I got one guy at the dentist and the other one is running parts, so I’m afraid it’s going to be at least half an hour.”  He responds.

Half an hour?  Heck, I’m thrilled!  That’s a far cry from being trapped at a dealership for a week.  I let the dogs out and we find a shady spot on the side of the building to wait.  Then I go clean up the mess in the Toy Hauler and put everything back in its place.

Sure enough, a service tech arrives within 45 minutes and begins work.  My hero!  I am back in business with a brand new power cord and minimal financial damage within a couple hours. Lucky for me, the design of my awesome Toy Hauler saved me from having to have everything rewired on the inside.  Not all RVs are made that way.  I love Liebelts RV’s!  Love, love, love them!  And I love my Toy Hauler!

So after a two hour stop at the Amazing Liebelt RV Dealer in Aberdeen, we are on the final leg of our fabulous fishing destination.  The sun is still blazing.  I’ve eaten every granola bar I can reach in the truck.   But we finally arrive to rustic Mobridge South Dakota, and it is feels like home.  I slow down to a crawl through town.  Yeah, like a local.  I rubber neck up and down each street, just to see what I can see, then make that last sprint past the Moose Lodge and on to JimmyK’s.

SDTurkey2013 034JimmyK is running ragged as usual.  I pull into my campsite and start setting things up for the duration.  The dogs are excited.  They know where we are. 

Level, unhitch, plug in and see how bad things got tossed around again.  Get dinner started.  Check on the fishing groups.  The sun hangs high in the sky well into the evening in June. 

It’s still not dark even at 10:00 at night.  As I am setting up the “yard” I spy two deer on the very edge of the cut grass. They are watching me.

Good to see you too!  It sure feels good to be back!

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