SD04131 The Turkey Plan

Flexibility is key in life, and turkey hunting. 

 April 3rd

Still on the way home from Florida—Just got the news about Mikel.  I need to get home, quick unpack, pack and be ready to get back on the road to South Dakota after Mikel’s funeral.  

 April 6th

What?  Lynn will be in town for her Grammas funeral as well?  Her and the dogs will stay with me at the house. I will leave right after the funerals.  Hopefully that puts me in turkey camp by the 14th at the very latest.

 April  10th 

There seems to be some problem with getting Mikel home.  I will wait to find out more. In the meantime, how do I find room for Lynn, her dogs, and now a handyman to all stay at my house by tomorrow?

 April 13th

News that Mikel will not be coming home, there will be a Celebration of Life ceremony instead. It is scheduled for the 27th.   In the meantime, my house is full of people, dogs, and construction chaos. Guess I won’t be leaving for turkey camp tomorrow.

 April 15th 

It’s just as well that I am waiting until after Mikel’s Celebration Of Life Ceremony takes place to head west.  I’m not feeling so chipper about things these last few weeks.  Although I’m quite overwhelmed with all the house guests, at least I have gotten my kitchen sink fixed.

 April 17th

So much is spilling through my mind.  I want details. I want the circumstances.  I want to have a pulse on how the family is managing.  I really have no business wanting all this, yet I want it.  I want to hear it was a mistake, and that it didn’t really happen.  I want to hear he is alive and well, and we still have time for that talk….

 Instead, I am stepping around precariously in my house as it is under construction.   

 April 19th

I want room to move.  Privacy to scream and cry.  I want a bathroom that is fully functioning.  I want at least one of the many projects underway to actually get completed.  I want to feel like I am making headway here….I want my house back.  I want my dreams back.


I guess we all want something.


April 21st

Lynn has left with her dogs. Somehow, I want to scream and cry even more…. Oh, I’ve got to stop reading through all these old letters and do something productive….

 April 24th 

I need to escape.  Go turkey hunting.  Forget about the mess, the loss, the pain, grief, frustration, disappointment…all of it.  I will plan to leave right after the ceremony.  When is the ceremony?  The 27th.  There are things I want to prepare for the ceremony.  The toy hauler is almost all packed.  I have my blinds, decoys, calls, clothes, back pack,  gun, bow,  ammo, knives, some raingear, and miscellaneous gear for all of those “just in case” situations.  Dog food and accessories, work gear, my pre-made meals and a few special treats.  My live-in handy man now has the guest room, and a list that should keep him plenty busy while I am away.  I should come home to much less chaos. 


Sometimes we get what we need.  That time is coming soon for me.  If I can just hang in there a few more days.


April 27th

The day is not ending well for me.  The Celebration Of Life is turning out to be more challenging than I imagined.  Closure does not seem to be on today’s list of things to receive.  Another beer?

 April 28th 

Oh, I can’t seem to pull myself together today.  Staying under the covers seems to be a good idea.  I’ll just stay here for a few more minutes….or hours…..or perhaps the whole day….what has happened to the day?

 April 29th 

Enough!  It’s time to get back to the plan.  Finally, it’s time to snap to it, get up and go to South Dakota!

3:00 am:  get up, load up the dogs, my food, and get on the road by 4:00

4:00 am–1:30 pm:  drive, plan on several rest and gas stops

1:30 pm:  I will hit Mobridge

1:30–6:30 pm:  set up camp

6:30–8:00 pm:  visit with Jim, prepare for an early morning walk to listen for birds 

If I am lucky, I’ll have taken 2 birds within the first 5 days with my 20 gauge, then spend the remainder of the time bowhunting for my 3rd feathery prize.  I should be home with a load of birds by the 9th or 10th of May.

Pretty lofty goal, but what the heck?   

I will do this for me. 

I will do this for us. 

I will do this.

All aboard for the South Dakota Great Plains.

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