Road To Wellness – An Update

Well, it’s been 15 months since I woke up to my right leg blown up like a balloon, unable to walk, constant level 10 pain, eventually discovering a short list of big issues that would prevent me from making a living, or doing just about anything I love to do.

But today I’m doing much better.

I’ve gone from a frustrating and painful hour of micro-mini exercises in bed in order to get out of bed every single day, to a simple “hello morning!” stretch, then off to a “real” workout routine on my yoga mat or at the gym.

That means yes, I can now get down on the floor and back up without it being an act of congress. And I can take a flight of stairs in a few seconds instead of 4 dreadfully painful minutes.

I can sit cross legged for the first time in a year!

I can wash dishes or prepare a meal without having to sit or lay down every 5 minutes to alleviate the pain and numbness in my hands, arms, shoulders, back, right hip and leg.

I can walk from the parking lot to the store, or most any distance, without a limp and without holding my right hip in place.

I have even been known to get out on the dance floor, or take the hula hoop out for a short spin…..

These changes are almost surreal to me. I do believe in miracles.

My health situation forced me to make changes that I initially fought like mad, but now I’m learning to work and play well with them. They say everything happens for a reason. Perhaps my body decided I needed this down time.  Perhaps I needed to slow down, and re-assess everything about my life. This little “bump in the road” has brought me back to the basics of what’s most meaningful to me—things that I somehow let drift away in the midst of running myself ragged with “doing”.

It’s been a long, painful haul, and the journey is certainly not over. Admittedly, I may have an occasional set back but it does not last long. 

I’m bouncing back. I’m on the road to wellness.  I continue on with bold determination.

Imagine that November 1st, one year ago today I sat on an exam table in excruciating pain, being told by an orthopedic surgeon that besides all sorts of problems that are NOT his specialty, I would need a hip replacement within one year. Well.  Good thing I didn’t take that awful conversation to heart.  He was wrong.  Here I am today, showing virtually no signs of needing anything replaced, and getting better every day.  And no thanks to that guy!

I sought many alternative methodologies over the past 15 months. Some of them are bringing me surprisingly fantastic results.  Along the way I’ve had dozens upon dozens of “ah-ha” moments, and sad realizations. Life lessons have unfolded before me that have helped me cope with far more than just the frustration of my body not performing at 100%.

While I’m still not completely “fixed”, at least I’m not down for the count. And I’m hopeful that I will eventually be back to 100%, whatever that ends up meaning for me.  I’ll be sharing some of the amazing things I’ve returned to, discovered, and incorporated into my new “wellness program” during this journey over the upcoming months.  For now, I leave you with these simple bits of hope and truth:

  • No matter how bad you think things are for you, they are absolutely worse for someone else.
  • There are more examples of a person’s value and worth than you could ever come up with on your own, so stop judging yourself.
  • Constant complaining about the same old shit does nothing positive or helpful or useful for you or anyone else who has to politely try to hear it.
  • As frustrating as it is to listen to countless do-gooder’s “self-proclaimed medical expert diagnosis” of your problems, take a breath and be patient—remember they are only trying to help.
  • Just because it was a certain way twenty, or ten, two years ago, doesn’t mean it’s that way now. Everything changes over time.
  • The more idle time you have on your hands, the more room there is for unnecessary worrying and negativity.
  • Whatever you aren’t able to get done now, will still be there waiting for you later…unless some kind soul decides to give you a hand and helps you with it.
  • Every time you choose not to at least consider an unorthodox alternative, you’ve lost a potential opportunity for positive change.
  • Lower your expectations and raise awareness of your accomplishments. Little things can also be big.
  • Sometimes it’s best to just let your body rest. And rest.  And rest.
  • Thirty minutes of intentional meditation is far more productive than hours of simply sitting around overthinking stuff on the couch.
  • Animals have super-powers we will never come to understand.
  • WE, too, have powers that most of us will never understand.
  • Positive thinking can be every bit as impactful as traditional medical treatments.
  • Manifest destiny is real.
  • Stubbornness and fortitude are sometimes confusing in-the-moment. Pick and choose your battles.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • Never assume people understand the pain you are in or know how you feel. Never assume they don’t, either.
  • Believe and trust that you are not alone. Your higher power is always on call and ready to assist.
  • Pain is an energy drain so severe, it can cloud your reasoning, change your personality, and slow you down to a dead stop. Smart choices will keep your mind fully charged, which will help your body persevere as well.
  • The people who truly care will still be there no matter what. As for the rest, consider how much of your very limited energy you want to spend trying to figure them out.
  • You are not a powerless victim. Everything about what you do next is a choice you have the power to make.
  • Not making a decision IS, in fact, making a decision. And it is yours alone to make.
  • You won’t know if you don’t try.
  • Never settle. Never give in.  Never give up.
  • Today is always replaced by tomorrow. Move forward, and leave the past behind.

Thank you for reading my post. Was it inspiring?  Scary?  Funny?  Unbelievable? Just plain weird?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  All comments are greatly appreciated.  Life is an adventure—good or bad, and it begins today!  There are lots of inspirational stories under my blog category, “PRs Amazing Outdoor Adventure Update”.  If you like what you see, please let me know by “liking” my website. You can even join my tribe to automatically receive new postings ‘hot off the press’.  There’s a place to do that right on my home page.  As always, please feel free to share with others who may find meaning and value in exploring limitless possibilities with PR Brady AdVentures. Thanks again!


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