Resolutions And The Bucket List

Lists.  I’m all about lists.  Time management lists, shopping lists, task lists, general to do lists. I am known for my lists. Lists are good reminders.  They keep a person on track.  But I’ve never been one to generate a “starting next year, I’m not going to ……” list, or the New Years Resolutions list.

Over the last couple years, I have done a lot of self-exploration, looking at what I’m doing, when, where and why, and evaluating my choices. First quarter 2012 I made the astute observation that I was living life in reaction mode.  I was reacting to the world around me, rather than living with purpose. I didn’t have a life plan.

A life plan. Living with purpose.  How profound.  Sounds like an opportunity for a list.

Of course, getting to a realization like this often comes from a traumatic—life altering experience.  For me it was no different.  I’d been shocked into the reality that even if you put everything you have into a job you love, forfeiting any resemblance of having a normal balanced life, you can still be knocked on your ass and have the thing you cherish most held over your head, threatening to be taken from you.  And then what would be left?

Well, in my case, pretty much nothing. How healthy is that? 

So, after doing the work, strategically, psychologically, emotionally, and literally, I got on track and created the beginning of my life’s plan.  It meant having to let go of things I thought I couldn’t live without, in order to start something I know I cannot live without.

And not being afraid to go get it.

Letting go is difficult.  Change is scary. It’s not easy to leave one’s comfort zone, or take chances.  “Leap, and the net will appear.” Requires faith and trust and an ability to face the unknown with a spring in your step and smile on your face.

Oh, absolutely I’m in!

So here I am, with the New Year fast approaching, looking at how my new direction is playing out.  My life plan actually translates into a “bucket list” so to speak.  The list is, by the very nature of it, somewhat fluid as I add things along the way.  For now my goal is to look at what I’ve got listed so far, and decide where everything can fit in.   What I’m finding is that I feel grounded, yet free.  I know, for the most part, where I am going, and why.  Having a life plan, and living with purpose provides a feeling of having some control over life.  I will share how I reached my life plan. How I am able to take charge of my life in my Bucket Of Limitless Opportunity blog, hoping to help others who may be looking for the same.

And I need to take charge, because, hey, I’ve got a bit of a bucket list to knock out!


PR’s Bucket List


Reclaim my house

Improve my health

Exit job                       (done)

Run a 5k                      (done)

Run a better 5k

Run a 10k

Complete a 3 week BWCA trip

Introduce 1,000 new people to the outdoors

Restart PR Brady        (done)

Write a book

Write another book

Reconnect with friends  (starting)

Bike in every state in the USA (that’s bicycle)

Camp in every National Park in the USA

Ride a horse onto a beach and into the ocean

Go on a sail boat live aboard/diving/fishing trip somewhere exotic

Travel all of Europe

Catch a trophy sailfish

Catch a trophy sword fish

Salmon fish in Washington

Catch an 11 lb Walleye

Loose 2 sizes

Loose 20 lbs

Dive Galapagos

Dive Belize

Dive Truk and Yap

Dive the Mediterranean Sea

Hunt and tour Morocco

Spearfish in the Sea of Cortez

Shoot a 25 in trap

Shoot a P&Y deer

Shoot a B&C size anything–but with a bow

Shoot a grand slam (still deciding on species)

Keep chickens

Hunt in every state in North America (already about half way there)

Back pack in the Himalayas

Back pack in South America

Back pack in the Rockies

Tour Alaska for a summer

Tour the USSR and specifically Kiev

Grow an exceptional crop of grapes for making an exceptional bottle of wine

Have my yard crashed by HGTV

Have Dear Genevieve design and do my dream kitchen



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I’m an “Oily Yogi” ready to inspire you to reach for limitless possibilities.

With a lifetime of experience in the outdoors, one of my biggest joys is to share my passion for adventure with others. After spending decades in suits and buildings, I found a way to combine the office and the outdoors in a way that optimizes positive results. There is a clearly defined correlation between nature, sensory contact, and high impact performance.

I am recognized as a change agent, who inspires people to allow their dreams to become reality through group and individual experiential settings. But perhaps the best gift I can bring to the table is my passion for your wellbeing. I enjoy coaching and training others to achieve their personal and professional goals, focusing on health, wellness wholeness, and limitless possibilities. Everything starts with the self; and is unique to each person. Simply tuning into the breath, mindfulness, and gentle movement for starters. Whenever I can, we take the work outside.

Life is an adventure! Whether it’s a business or personal situation, career path or life path, As Chief Experience Officer of PR Brady AdVentures, my passion is Inspiring Limitless Possibilities, Bringing Our Best Selves to Life.
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