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Just got done cleaning my South Dakota possession limit of Walleye, 18 Catfish, a Crappie, a Northern, and 6 Drums (for curiosity’s sake), and am feeling pretty groovy!  Then I checked email, and found one of my Linked In groups started a discussion:  

Out of curiosity, I want to know what some of you think about this?

There was a huge string of discussion about the situation and I was too late to really respond.  But, ohhhh, this one touches a sore spot for me…so, I have to express myself… I go, out on that limb….

Keith, you appear to be ‘alone on the island’ in this raccoon discussion.

Bravo to Ace, Ron and Scott and the others speaking out.  I am in total agreement with you all.

Basically I have two questions to ponder with the universe:

Why is dispatching a captured nuisance animal an act of cruelty?

Why is it okay for any one, or 1,000  armchair critics to pass a judgment on this, or any situation when they weren’t there first hand, have the knowledge or education to be a qualified advisor, or actually know the entire detailed matter to pass judgment on?

A shot to the head is what some people would believe is the best placed shot.  I’m not going to go into detail there or I’d be writing a novel.

It looks to me from the video, that the kid is not having a party about it at all.  It looks to me like he is trying to dispatch the animal the best he knows how.  Yes he could have done things very differently.  More importantly is everything else that has unfolded as a result of the video.   For all we know, maybe the kid is a bleeding heart PITA officer who constructed the entire video clip all on purpose, for the soul sake of causing a stir among the ranks of the knee jerk reactive emotional activists, as well as the responsible gun owners and outdoors people. It’s frightening to see what an extremist will do for their cause.  But I doubt it. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what it looks like to me. I don’t know the details.  Like everyone else, I only saw a clip of a video. Therefore, who am I to judge? 

I spent 4 months in Florida last winter, and my adventure blog reflects tons of posts about the raccoon infestation and the extent of frustration and aggravation  I endured as a visitor to the area.  Trust me, I tried to be creative so as to not end up on “You Tube” being judged harshly, but I am here to tell all for the record, “coon relocation” would be a complete JOKE.

The raccoon problem was so totally ridiculous, I thought I would go insane.  They caused havoc night and day without rest.  Maybe the news would have featured my mug if I was pushed just a little bit further.  If the park rangers would have given me the word, I’d of shot every darn one of those masked critters. 

As the animal looked helpless.”  Yeah, right.  Helpless as it does an incredible amount of destruction.   I’ve seen the destruction raccoons create. We should jump through hoops with our lives so they can continue their destruction because….why???  Sorry, but I have no sympathy for their banded little faces. When they become a problem they need to be removed.  Sensationalizing  and humanizing beings that don’t have the ability to reason, rather than standing behind a kid trying to take action, all because people experience some kind of subconscious brain transfer of feelings due to the animal looking cute? Equal rights?  What? Where are our priorities?  This shouldn’t have made the news to begin with.

Who is to say what the textbook correct way is to dispatch an animal?  The liberal PETA pacifists and other extremists?  Does everyone who has an animal problem need to go get a 4 year education and degree before they can take care of a nuisance?  If the ranting’s of the ignorant ever evolved into mandating that level of control, it would  fall under the already ridiculous gun control law concerns, right?  I’m with Ace 100% .  How many people are born and raised simply knowing the actual and politically correct thing to do in all situations at all times?  Not everyone is an outdoors professional or trained conservation officer.  Does that make them a future serial killer?  

How unfortunate that an armchair critic or two or 1,000 who are clearly ignorant of the reality of the specifics around the situation can voice such a strong opinion and have it ripple across the www and become such a big deal.  That level of influence is simply unacceptable. 

What if you were next in line to be judged on something by “them”?  Why does this teen have to be damned for his actions?  At least he is trying to fix a problem.  He clearly needs some major mentoring to understand why it’s not ok for his PITA sister to film him, and what a “best method” check list looks like for dispatching nuisance animals.  He clearly needs someone from a conservation background to guide him on best practices.

As I see it, this whole media blitz is just one more little indirect jab at gun ownership by the proponents of increased gun control, and now we are all up in arms here about this one raccoon situation, with our interpretations and personal views, and the Anti-gun people are chalking one up for them.  And yeah, Jesse Venture was my Governor-what a fun couple of years that was, indeed.  Sure hope he comes home soon.

Check out Ted Crowell’s response to the situation:

“TED Crowell–Ok, most of you are obviously upset. I can tell by the way some of you have attacked me, saying awful, heartless, cruel and hurtful things. Luckily I have thick skin. But, I find it somewhat ironic that my opinion has brought the same kind of dreadfull behavior out in a group of people that are supposed to be opposed to just that. Your all just ridiculing and persecuting a defenseless boy, and doing the same to anyone defending him. He’s an idiot no doubt. A very poor shot and not at all educated on the correct ways to dispose of a nuisance animal but that means we should ruin his life? Where is the compassion in that.

Good question.  Exactly my thoughts.  Why does an animal become more important than a person?  Where are our priorities?

If you read through the comments on that site, obviously no one who is commenting is educated about conservation, the circle of life, or what actually takes place medically when a life expires.  One comment I saw was “What’s next? Arresting homeowners for putting out mouse traps and spraying insecticide?”  That reminds me of a tongue in cheek joke about someone wanting to attempt Rehabilitating Minnesota Mosquitos rather than swatting them.  Perhaps they’ll learn to stop sucking our blood….indeed.  And for the record I am not in any way related to Joyce Brady who is first to comment on that site.

God help those that try to sort out my actions as I defend my grapevines when the berries become ripe. I don’t relocate anything.  Period.  And that’s nobody’s business but mine.   Two days ago a striped gopher fell into a five gallon pail with water in it that I was using.  I could have rescued the thing and sent it on its way.  But ya know what?  I’m really tired of seeing that critter sitting on top of my hot tub every morning, chewing on the corner of the cover.  So, instead I tested his ability to tread water….I’m just sayin’….

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