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So many things to do, so little time. How does one decide what they are going to do with their business, and social calendars? Lately it seems everyone is hosting an event at the same time. You try to fit it all in, you try to make a presence at each function. Maybe it’s expected. Maybe you just want to show your support. So you try. But then there’s those situations where you’ve been running ragged and suddenly discover today is the day you were supposed to be at that business seminar, or that workshop, or Johnny’s graduation. Now it’s too late to get there.

“Oh, they won’t miss me. After all, I’m just one person.”

Or how about those times when you are still wrapping things up with another appointment, or group of people. This other event is just down the road. Well, what could it hurt if we all just stopped in?

“After all, we won’t stay long….”

It happens. Life happens. Things change. We try to orchestrate our time to get it all done. It seems life has evolved into holding off on commitments and making decisions at the last minute. Sometimes it just can’t be helped. But then there are those times when you had plenty of forewarning that you couldn’t make it, or that you could. Again, that little voice in the back of your head whispers “Oh, they won’t notice me. After all, I’m just one person.”

Have you ever been in charge of setting up a party, meeting or event? The time and work involved is enormous. How many times have you spent hours upon hours on the phone or at different vendors, planning, coordinating, comparing pricing, finding just the right event location, fitting everything into a meager budget that you wish was twice the size, basically working your hind end off trying to produce a top shelf venue to accommodate all of your friends, or family, or business associates?

Deadlines and non refundable down payments. Perishable food orders.

You are trying to produce an epic, once in a life time event, or just a fabulous family get together, and are being charged per person. How many times have you been left hanging the day of the event? Embarrassed and apologizing to those you contracted to help with managing things, sitting there at the end of it all with far less than or far more than you’d anticipated? The waste. The stress. The awkwardness. The dazed, hurt confused cloud you end up sitting in?

How many times have you wanted to just spell it out to each individual you’ve invited to join you in your special event? Call them out? Clue them in? Find a way to make them cooperate in a timely fashion so you get what you need to get things done right?

Well that wouldn’t be very friendly now, would it?

Perhaps it’s due to my being involved with setting up individual, group and corporate events that this hits so close to home. Or perhaps it’s just because I was raised to be respectful of others. But when I recently received a wedding invitation –I did have to totally burst a gut laughing at the clear wording on the RSVP card. Talk about covering the bases!

The message is straightforward, and speaks directly to those few (and you know who you are) who do not feel compelled to be respectful of the cost, work and effort that goes into event planning. But pretty much anyone can find benefit from this clever call to action. Thanks to a long awaited fall wedding, and with only the best of intentions in mind, I’m now sharing this articulate gem with you. A template you may want to use for your own next gathering that requires an RSVP. Or, maybe just to get a good chuckle and sheepish smile from your circle of peeps.



Please RSVP for XXXXXX(event) at XX (time/date) at XXXXX(location) Please respond by XXXXXX(deadline) as XXXX (activity) is limited.  It’s easy and quick! And we’ve already paid for postage! Come on. All we are looking for is one checked box—you can do this!

o Guest name ___________________________

o Will attend. Number attending ____________

o Will not attend

o Will say I plan to attend. Then I just won’t show up, without any explanation, even though you already had to pay for me in the advance head count and cost per person. What do I care? It’s not my time and money

o Will attend and will bring a date, even though this invite offered no indication that I could bring a date, but you’re cool with it, right?

Please join us. Looking forward to a great event!

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  1. Very good tips. Having set up my own on many occasions both personally and professionally, it’s a lot of work and knowing those numbers is a big help to making sure everything goes off without a hitch.

  2. Brilliant. Love the RSVP card. I was quite involved with organizing the annual banquet for my kids’ swim club. Could not believe how many people arrived at the last minute. Each and every time. They didn’t respond by the deadline. We had to tell them sorry but there’s no food for you. They’d say “I don’t care.” I’ll just stand and watch. Oh man it was hard to deal with each and every time.

  3. An “I would like to attend, but will not know until maybe the day before if I will actually be able to make it due to my work schedule being at the mercy of whoever’s in charge that week” option would be handy.

  4. Ha! Ha! Love it…..especially since my son and his soon to be bride are planning for their fall wedding this year. I will definitely pass this along!

  5. Well that has all the bases covered and some. I find myself wondering what replies they got, now that would provide hours of interesting reading.

  6. This is a great reminder. Thank you. As summer gets busier, it is so nice to make sure that everyone is aware of who is coming and going. 🙂 It’s all part of community!

  7. Thanks for your blog Patty. Too many things to do & not enough time, so true. What helps me is prioritizing things & making a TO DO list. Checking things off as I do them gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also, when I write it down, it’s out of my head. As far as events go, to me it’s common courtesy to let someone know if I’m attending an event. It’s the old Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated:)

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