One Gypsy’s Life

She is gentle, kind and wise.  She stands proud.  Proud when she is able to stand, that is.  She is often seen lying down alone in the field.  Some times as I am walking or driving by, it seems like she has simply laid down and died.  I wondered why for days until I was told about her feet.

I walk across the field to where she is laying and visit her from time to time.  She always greets me with relief and appreciation. Her spirit is broken, her eyes express the weary, pain filled condition she is stricken with. Dear Gypsy.  If only this beautiful, Cracker mare could tell me stories about her 33 year long life.  Gypsy2Would she tell me stories of passion, romance, adventure and splendor?  I think not.  She is skinny, with ribs showing, her back is swayed, she has double foundered, and her feet ache from years of being an obedient soul, living a life of hard labor, rough treatment, and general neglect.  Years of being a faithful servant, pulling equipment on a farm, and being left in her shoes and in water so long that her coffin bones have completely collapsed.

Not the ideal Gypsy life.

All this misery, and yet she has no ill will.  Looking deep into Gypsy’s eyes I see gratitude.  Gratitude that she was taken away from that harsh place and brought here to rest and be cared for by a remarkable woman like Laney, a caring soul—a medicine woman with the knowledge, compassion and fortitude to make this one Gypsy’s life as comfortable as possible now.  Minimize the pain.  Maximize the love.  If anyone can heal this Gypsy, Laney can.

Gypsy1My heart fills with sadness as I walk up to beautiful Gypsy. I wonder why some people own animals.  How can they be allowed to?  The life of this Gypsy has been long and hard.  Now she is barely able to stand any more, she can’t graze long, or even make it to the water trough. She spends day after day laying in the field, in pain.  Try as she might to help her or heal her, Laney has come to the realization that the damage to Gypsy’s feet is beyond the ability to repair.  The truth cuts like a knife.

What’s most sad is that this didn’t have to happen to Gypsy. Those “other” people who had her all those years could have prevented this horrible condition so easily.  But they didn’t.  When things got bad enough, they simply discarded this noble mare.  And now here Gypsy is, with us, thankful for the love and attention Laney has showered her with.

Laney carries out water and alfalfa to where she is laying down.  Her mane is full of burrs from laying down so much.  Gypsy heaves a heavy sigh as Laney and I stroke her tired face, and work out the knots and burrs from her mane.  Gypsy’s are beautiful and exotic and lively.  This Gypsy’s eyes have become tired and vacant.  She seems to know why we are there, and is accepting her fate with the grace and noble stature few humans could ever possess.  Laney coddles her, brushing her, holding her, whispering sweet things to her.  I struggle to keep from bursting into tears.  I want to find those awful people and hurt them.

A Gypsy horse is a magical being.  Romantic, restless, roaming; forever dancing over the horizon to a new adventure.  This Gypsy will soon be dancing and prancing.  This one Gypsy will finally be able to dance and prance like a pony again.  No more sadness.  No more pain.  Frolicking across endless green pastures, kicking her heels up, celebrating her freedom forever.

The veterinarian’s truck rounds the corner of the field.  He is almost here.  Gypsy3You see, today we must say goodbye to Gypsy as she prances across that Rainbow Bridge to a never ending paradise.

One Gypsy’s Life has not gone unnoticed.

Laid to rest on December 10th, 2014

So grateful she shared her gentle nature with me, taking comfort in knowing she is finally at peace.

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