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What’s a good time to be down for the count sick with a horrible influenza, respiratory or big bad common cold?  When can you blow off 3 weeks?

NEVER, right?

At least that’s how I see it.  I’m never sick.  Well, hardly ever.  I just don’t participate in those wimpy, irritating little nuisance colds that everybody passes back and forth, the ones that just kind of hang on for what seems like an eternity.   And I certainly want no part of those mega viral infections that last a good 3 weeks with lingering bronchitis crap for another month.  When I do feel something coming on, my initial plan of attack is “positivity combined with denial and lots of water”.  I tell myself over and over that everything is peachy and I am not sick, then “act as if” I’m fine all day and push through it like normal (and that means healthy lifestyle, food and exercise).  That, and I drink a bunch more water to flush the system.  After all, I just don’t have time to be sick.  Who does?

But once in a great while, some mutant, alien mega-germ will find its way to me.  The kind that you don’t get back up from for weeks.   It hasn’t happened in years.  But one just tried to rear its ugly head at me Last Thursday.


Thursday late afternoon, November 6th I noticed something was off.  I felt tired.  More tired than I should.  I shook it off, figuring I’m running like crazy to catch up from being gone hunting, getting ready to leave town, all the home maintenance chores and throw a bonfire party in between, and well……of course I’m tired!  I pressed on.  I’m not sick.

Friday morning when I woke up my back hurt.  My legs hurt.  My arms hurt.  Pretty much every joint in my body hurt.  Dang.  Must be from all the walking, tree climbing, and equipment carrying I did up north.  It’s all catching up with me.  I need to get moving, get circulating, get going; I’ve got a party to plan for!  So I did.  I can’t allow my “to do” list not get done!  On top of the rest of my food and beverages, I slammed 5-16oz bottles of water like nothing, wanting more.  But heck, at least I’m not sick.

Saturday morning, the same thing.  Woke up with whole body pain, and very tired.  So tired, that I actually napped for 20 minutes to recharge.  Still, I went to the store for final groceries, cooked, did last minute cleaning and organizing in the yard.  The neighbor came over to help chainsaw down some wood.  If only I could squeak in another nap. But by 5:00, wooo hooo it was party time!  The yard was hopping with friends and fun that went on until about 10:30 Saturday night.  Although I wasn’t quite myself, I kind of forgot how crappy I felt.

Sunday morning —SPLAT!—death warmed over!  My eyes opened but I could not move.  Could not.  My body hurt so bad it was scary.  My chest felt like an elephant was on it.  I couldn’t breathe through my nose.  I couldn’t take a breath through my mouth without going into a raspy chest cough.  “I am not sick.  I am not sick, I have things to do to prepare for the coming snow, I have people to call, arrangements to make, I am not sick.” I crawled to the kitchen, made breakfast and coffee, and blew my nose for 15 minutes.  I tried to tackle my list.  Nope.  I was dizzy. I was coughing.  I was blowing my nose.  I hurt everywhere.  My chest! OH!  I lay down.  I was miserable.

Am I having a heart attack?  What if I die?  How long before someone notices?   I’ll just lie down for a few minutes…..

I wake up from having slept pretty much all day.  My “positivity combined with denial” tries to kick in.  Oh, this is silly, I’m not sick! I was just tired from partying and the smoke from the fire didn’t help.  I force myself up and call a friend to chat.  Our conversation perked me up enough to try to get things done before the days over.  I head outside at 4:30, determined to finish yard work before the big snow storm hits.  Bending over scooping up leaves into the bag made me dizzy. I was dreadfully out of breath, wheezing, coughing, with numbing pain throughout my body.  I barely got it all done. Once again I got help from the neighbor; this time to securely cover my fish house and snowmobile for the winter.  I staggered back into the house at 6:30 Sunday night.

Okay, I might be getting sick.

I crashed on the couch until almost 10pm.  When I woke up it was safe to say I was totally sick. Yes, despite my denial and positivity and determination, I seem to have been slapped with some mutant alien virus that is trying to keep me down for the count.

And I don’t have time for that.


Sunday night 10:30pm, my temperature a whopping 102.5.  I drank 3-16oz bottles of water instantly, ate a mound of steamed broccoli, took triple doses of every vitamin I had in the house, which was Flaxseed, Fish Oil, Vitamins E, A, D, and Centrum,  500 milligrams IBProphen, followed by 2 shots of Jameson, and went back to bed.  The next 3 days were sort of a blur.

From Monday through yesterday (Wednesday) I have been awake for approximately 4 hours out of each 24 hour day.  During that awake time I have consumed:

2 – 1½ cup servings of hot water with 1t of Cayenne Pepper and a shot of lemon juice each day  ( first thinHomeColdRemedyk in the morning and again at about 8 pm)
10 – 16 oz. bottles of water a day
1 pound of steamed broccoli each day
1/2 gallon cranberry juice each day
1 quart of my home made tomato basil soup (a couple servings)
About 16 oz.  grilled salmon (2 meals)
About 16 oz. grilled chicken (2 meals)
Half a pot of coffee each day with a Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper mixed in the grounds
A shot of Jameson or Makers Mark before bed

Most of my awake time was spent eating or preparing food and drinks, taking care of dogs, and checking email twice a day.  I barely got out to shovel off the front and back doorway and clear a runway for the girls (they won’t put their prissy little feet in the snow to go pee) from the snow storm.  And boy did we get a snow storm.  Each 15 minute shoveling spree I attempted caused me to sleep for 2 hours after.  Thank god my neighbor came over with his snow blower!  I managed to do yoga for 1 hour on Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The rest of the time I slept.

Now here we on Thursday, the sun is going down, and I feel like a million bucks!  All symptoms are gone.  The fever is gone.  The congestion is gone.  The pain is gone. The coughing is almost gone.  My skin looks great!  I’m HUNGRY for something other than broccoli for sure, but ladies and gentlemen, I believe I kicked what could have been a seriously nasty virus in the ass, in a matter of a few days.   Am I dreadfully behind with those lists? Hell yeah, but I feel better than I have in a long time–I’ll get caught up in a snap.

Important take-aways:

  • It’s true that taking a bunch of daily supplements minimizes in impact over time.  You are far better off eating your vitamins through healthy foods.  But a super-dose of vitamins when the immune system is compromised will shock the system and produce great short term results, especially when done in conjunction with other healthful steps.
  • Broccoli is the UBER vitamin C source—far more beneficial than drinking orange juice. Did you know that a 100 gram serving of steamed broccoli will give you 150% of the recommended amount of Vitamin C?
  • Cranberry Juice is loaded with important antioxidants.  It fights infections and cures sore throats.  Did you know that one cup of cranberries provides over 8000 antioxidant capacity?
  • Cayenne Pepper is such a miracle spice!  It is a super-detoxifier, epic pain reliever, and natural flu fighter.
  • Fish and Chicken—so important to consume protein!  Especially when the body is under attack whether it’s from illness, exercise or over use, lean proteins go right to the muscle to nourish the body in pain.
  • It goes without saying how important it is to drink enough water every day.   When the body is being attacked with infection, the need for water can more than double!
  • My tomato basil soup is bound to make anyone feel a little better.  There’s no place like home!  Here’s the recipe:
  • As for the shot of booze, well, it gets the Cayenne taste out of the mouth and helps to settle in for the night without going into a coughing fit.  Okay, sure, I’m rationalizing…..I just like a little nightcap…..

What is your sure fire instant remedy to thwart a vicious viral infection?  I’d love to hear.  Don’t have one?  Seriously, try my regime the next time you’re immune system is compromised.  It may work for you too!

Take Care and Be well!

You can read about all kinds of products, places and services I’ve found to be exceptionally great, or exceptionally not great under my “What’s New” blog category—along with many of my own handy little DIY ideas. I look forward to your comments!  And please feel free to share this post with others that would find value in learning about this information, and PR Brady AdVentures.



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