One of the fun things about having the Toy Hauler is fussing with it to get everything “just so.”  But the first is to dismantle the old homestead.  Taking down the tent—what a bittersweet event.  Tenting is all I know, and I do it well.  This is not the end of an era.  Carefully folding it up and tucking it back into the bag, I promise this was not it’s last trip. Then I turn to the cook kitchen.  The last front brought winds with it that finally twisted up the cook canopy, and I had to remove the cover, leaving only the frame up.  I decide to keep it up for now.. 

Arranging, and rearranging things again to see what makes the best flow in a relatively small space is a nurturing activity.  Putting things in cabinets, opening and closing drawers. Finding just the right spot for dog toys, tools, canned goods, dishes.  As I am experimenting, there are a couple obvious things that need to be addressed right away. 

Clearly I must have steps constructed up to the bed.  The girls have one heck of a jump up and down otherwise, and it’s clear they could hurt themselves making the leap.  With Sunny Girl already having ACL surgery, there’s no need to take chances. I start measuring and drawing plans to buy or build something that will help minimize the risk of them getting injured. 

Next is dog fence.  The fence I have has been working, but now I want to have something more “finished” to be a part of the overall toy hauler look. 

How convenient that there is a Home Depot just a few miles away from Secret Spot Park.  I’ve already made several trips, buying hanging hooks, step stools, electric cords, extra lighting, buckets, a heavy duty Dewalt cordless drill…and now I’ve  hauled boards, posts, 2×4’s and plastic lattice fencing back to Secret Spot Park to start my projects. 

Sometimes, you just have a feeling about a person. An unexplainable connection.  It happened to me the minute I met Dennis.

If I could have ever picked a brother, it would be him.  If I could ever ask for a sister it would be Carol.  If I could ever be a part of another family, it would be theirs.  They welcomed me into their world before I even got out of my vehicle and into a camp site. They helped me to evolve from sleeping on the ground in a tent to sleeping on a bed in an RV.

 Now, Dennis is helping me as I nest in my new Toy Hauler and “make it mine.”  Inside the storage bin of his gigantic Fifth Wheel RV, he has enough tools to open up a wood shop.  Together, we build a step for the foot of the bed that allows the dogs, and me to step up to bed rather than make the four foot  jump in.  As we work side by side on this project I understand what makes him so special. He is selfless and has a heart of gold.  Despite his gruff and mischievous outer self, he is a giver in thought and deed. And a darn good carpenter.  In mere moments I have a perfectly fitted step for the bed.

Then we began cutting lattice to line the one side of the Toy Hauler and create a good looking dog proof yard.  When he and Carol had to leave for the afternoon, he hands me his tools so I can continue working while he is away.  Keith and Janet stop by, and we girls almost finish the whole fence project while Keith supervises.  Dennis returns to make a couple final cuts, and wha-la, I have a fenced in yard that’s the envy of the park.

Then it’s back to fussing with the inside details.  Have both couches down?  One up?  Wow, the hula hoop is perfect up above the kitchen cabinets.  Definitely need a work station set up somehow.  Need more counter space.  How can I accomplish that?  Wouldn’t it be cool to get a little electric fireplace in here?  Hmmm, the ideas keep brewing. 

One thing about an RV is the space is limited, so creativity has to be unlimited.  What a great opportunity to start a list of what is still missing.  Not everything needs to be done in one day.  Now that I’ve constructed a good list and am satisfied on how things look, me and the kids should kick back in “the yard” and enjoy!  With an awesome rotation of tunes flowing out of the outside speakers, I get horizontal on the lawn chair to suntan while the dogs find perfect spots to chew their new bones.  My goodness I love this Toy Hauler life!

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