My 2018 Cleanse And Restore 30 Day Challenge Completed

With victory flags a-flyin’, I’m pleased to be checking in with a final update on the 30 Day Cleanse and Restore Challenge I committed to on January 3rd. Yes, I am happy to say I’ve completed the challenge and am feeling awesome.  Thank you to everyone who reached out to me throughout the month with your curiosity and support, I really appreciated your questions and interest!

I thought it would be hard to follow this challenge, but it took virtually no time to adjust. My biggest shift was with portion size, since I eat pretty clean as it is.  I never really felt like I’d “given up” anything to eat, although I did choose to omit certain things for 30 days just for the principal of following more of a Keto/Paleo diet.  It really wasn’t a big deal to do knowing it was temporary.

My body has definitely changed over 30 days. I no longer feel puffy.   My skin feels softer and tighter.  I dropped a whopping  12 pounds in 30 days without trying and my clothes are feeling loose!  I’ve stopped shedding my hair.  I have increased energy and stamina.  My trips to the bathroom are normal.  I sleep like a log and wake up refreshed. My physical condition remains fantastic and pain free.  I’d call that a successful cleanse!

I am done with the complicated array of supplements that had to happen on certain days at certain times and my routine is back to normal. Or is it?  It’s February 12th and life is anything but normal.  I couldn’t be busier—and all in a good way!  And I’m down another 3 pounds.  Moving forward, I’m using elements of the cleanse, exercise, mindfulness and essential oils to get me the rest of the way to my goal by Memorial weekend.

One thing I must say is this: after doing this challenge I realize that I have not been drinking enough water for years. Consciously making sure to drink 64 ounces of water a day was difficult at first, but doing it sure opened my eyes.  I believe the increased water is one of the key factors of my feeling better over all.  When you consider of all the ways our bodies are impacted by what we do, and don’t do.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been living a dehydrated life for years.  Water flushes out the toxins our bodies are subjected to all day every day.  All I know is I will now continue to drink lots and lots of water with essential lemon oil daily.

Of course I’ll also continue to use the Life Long Vitality Supplements as a staple part of my daily routine. The PB Assist (probiotics) and the TerraZyme (digestive enzyme complex) are products that I will continue to use at low levels for maintenance as well.

I’m ramping up my exercise program—more cardio, and more core muscle group specific strength training, along with my daily Yoga, and regular meditation.   I’m continuing to incorporate essential oils to protect my immune system, assist with curbing food cravings, and to increase my metabolism.  Life will be very busy between now and my goal of losing 25 pounds by Memorial Weekend, so I want to make sure I’m strong, healthy and on track to achieve my goal while I’m pushing myself so hard.

In closing, I’d say this 30 Day Challenge has not just been a cleanse and restore of my body. It’s also been an adventure of the mind.  An adventure to  test the mind; test the will; test the unknown, hold myself accountable to me and push myself to see what I am willing to do to effect positive change in my life.  A challenge of the mind to set the mark, stay the course, and reach for the ring at the end. Oh, yeah, RINGS!  That’s another thing…..I can finally wear my rings again after almost 5 years….


Thank you for reading my post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!  All comments are greatly appreciated.  Life is an adventure—good or bad, and it begins today!  If you like what you see, please let me know by “liking” my website. You can even join my tribe to automatically receive new postings ‘hot off the press’.  There’s a place to do that right on my home page.  If you are interested in learning more about doTerra and the Cleanse and Restore Challenge, please reach out for me! I would love nothing more than to help you achieve your healthiest self too!  I also offer essential oil wellness workshops for formal and informal groups.  As always, please feel free to share with others who may find meaning and value in exploring limitless possibilities with PR Brady AdVentures. Thanks again!



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  1. I’m so impressed! Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

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