Let’s Hit The Beach!

Truth number 1:

If you don’t get there by 9:30 a.m., you may not get a parking spot for hours

Truth number 2:

Count on Truth number 1 ‘times 10’ during spring break

Truth number 3:

Getting to the actual beach can upwards of a ¼ mile hike

Truth number 4:

Count on Truth number 3 ‘times 10’ during spring break

The simple plain truth is, it can be a heck of a challenge to hit the Florida beaches on a sunny day.  And isn’t every day pretty much a sunny day in the official “Sunshine State”?

But goodness knows, nothing will stop me from getting to and claiming my little piece of sand with a beach towel and some sunscreen.  And umbrella.  And Chair.  And music.  And a good book.  And extra towels.  And fins.  And snorkel.  And bucket for shells.  And some games.  And a cooler full of food and drinks for the day.  And other munchies….and…..and…..

Well it sure can be hard to haul all of that gear out to the beach when you’re facing the “Truth” of it all. That is, unless you’ve got one of these glorious carts!

This last year, while belaboring the ‘over the shoulder toting’ of gear for a day at St. Pete Beach, I couldn’t help but notice a few beach carts being navigated across the sand.  I watched with envy as sun worshippers rolled their belongings along the grainy ground with ease, and knew I had to have one.  I started my search, checking into the marts and the wholesale clubs.  Wow, there were quite a few styles to choose from.  I quickly discovered something huge.  The key is to find a cart with big wheels—wheels large enough to easily run through all sorts of sand, even the amazing “sugar sand” of the #1 beach in the country, Siesta Key Beach.

And this one is that, and more.BeachCart1

Introducing the Member’s Mark Multi-Purpose Utility Cart from Sams Club.

Amazing features of my beach cart include:

  • 4- super huge all-terrain wheels
  • A built in, removable insulated cooler with a cushioned shoulder strap
  • A place to hold 2 water (or whatever) bottles
  • Easy transport rail for up to 4 chairs
  • A built in umbrella or fishing rod holder
  • Heavy duty netting to throw wet, sandy gear in—by the time you reach your vehicle the sand has pretty much shaken off of everything which helps keep the mess to a minimumBeachCart2
  • Sturdy powder coated steel construction and super durable fabric bottom able to hold another cooler, fishing tackle, minnow bucket, or anything else you’ve just got to have with you —up to 125 pounds of carrying capacity!
  • Ability to close the cart flat with one touch of the EZ-Fold foot bar for convenient storage


The big test came when a friend and I headed to Honeymoon Island Beach with the dogs. Now THAT was a day requiring lots of gear. Just getting to the dog friendly beach area was about a half mile walk on a deep sand trail. We’d have spent half the morning dragging our stuff out there if not for my handy dandy cart. It powered through that sand like a dune buggy.

A well spent 50 some bucks, indeedBeachCart_nI can’t imagine life without my awesome beach cart! Just pop it open, load everything up, get rolling, and let’s hit the beach!  





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  1. I lived by Hollywood beach all my life. The beaches are open 24/7. I have to pay using a parking meter. Parking shouldn’t be a problem unless it’s a holiday. On holidays parking is virtually impossible.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

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