Inspiration Ignited—PR’s Personal Power Program

Now that you’ve taken that first step for yourself or your team with the intake session, it’s time to get to work! We agree to a commitment between you and I, over a period of time, to resolve the issue/s defined in our initial Inspiration Intake meeting. For an individual, this generally means meeting in person for 1 hour twice a month, phone meetings once a week, and periodic homework assignments communicated via email and phone. Some programs include embarking on an experiential journey for a day, or even multiple days. We will identify the best plan for your Power Program needs. Some of my more popular programs center around topics like:

  • Individual Brand Development
  • Career/Employment Coaching
  • Superior Sales Strategies
  • Managing Difficult People and Situations
  • Customer Service Excellence

The key here is, there isn’t one cookie cutter set of steps to insert into all situations. Your program will be uniquely designed just to fit you and your needs. It may even involve bringing in additional resources. While our commitment can take as long as it needs to, things generally fall into place within an 8 week program for individuals. For business groups and teams, the scope and timeframe can vary extensively depending on the specific needs.

To get started your own Personal Power Program, message PR Brady AdVentures to set up your Inspiration Intake Hour today.

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