I Am Jack –Part 2—One Crazy Human!

Hi!  I am Jack!  I am a good boy!  I am a Pointer, and I am very well trained!  I am an excellent hunter! This is my first chance to write to you again—my human has been keeping us very busy.

About my new human…

She is one crazy human.  Can you believe she took me away from that wonderful, perfectly warm and comfortable house to ride in a kennel in her truck in cold and snow?  Even though my kennel was in the back seat, I could not hear anything about where we were going.  She did not say a word.

I thought she was taking me somewhere to give me away.

I was so scared.

But she took those two hairy females along, and all four of us rode for days and days.  For the first few days it was very cold and wet.  Every time she stopped, I thought; “this is it, she is giving me away!”  And I was very sad.  But it never happened!  She brought us into this very small building on wheels, attached to her truck, to eat and rest every day.  It was like a kennel for humans, but it is not a place to pee.  Those two hairy females were very protective of that space.  They didn’t hardly let me move, so I stayed close to human Patty and that seemed to make them even more upset. Especially when I wagged my tail.  There just isn’t any room to wag my tail in that kennel place.  She calls it a “Toy Hauler”.  Where are the toys?  I like toys!

The weather got warmer and warmer each day.  And then it got hot.  We stop many times.  Each time I think; “Is she stopping to give me away?”  I am scared.  I am a good boy and I want to stay and win her heart.

We stopped where there was a whole field of green grass.  My human took me for long walk on it, but it wasn’t grass like at home.  It smelled different, and wasn’t so soft. Is this where she will give me away?  I am scared and apprehensive during that whole walk.

That was 16 days ago.  I have not been in the kennel in the truck since.  She did not give me away.  Now we live in that building on wheels in a very mysterious, exotic place like I have never known.  There are some other humans that live here and visit here.  The human in charge has three, yes, THREE female canine!  Two of them are tiny and timid and bark all the time.  The other one is a little bigger and bosses me around constantly.

I am surrounded by two and four legged females.  Maybe this is what hell is like?  But there is at least one male human that comes around every once in a while.  Does he understand this hellish situation?

Sometimes human Patty lets me stay outside while she goes somewhere for a long time.  There is not a lot to do when she is gone so long.  I don’t know why those rugs, and garden tools, and that thing that hangs from the pole and makes noise when the wind blows are all so important that I can’t “relocate” it all to somewhere else.  Every time I do, she comes back and is mad at me, and says “why do you keep doing this?  I leave you for 30 minutes and this is what you do?  No, Jack!  No!”

Well, because it’s been so very log, it’s there, and I can, and it’s entertaining.   What does “30 minutes mean, anyway?

There are many animal smells here that I have never smelled before.  There are birds here that have legs and necks that make them much taller than me! I have pointed many birds and suspicious smells out to human Patty, but she is always saying “no Jack, no bird”. escape43

But I am certain those freshly dug up dirt piles on our walk that I smelled need her attention.  I just know that they were made by a danger to our pack.  But she says, “no, Jack, we don’t hunt the armadillos.”

What is an armadillo?  She is one crazy human!  She should trust me when I find these concerns.  I am a Pointer!  I am very smart, and I am well trained.  And there is a flock of chickens that I just know I could help with.  And a flock of turkeys, too!  And there is something out there in the thick exotic brush that I can’t quite figure out yet.  Why won’t she let me help?

Armadillos?  What ever they are, we need to eradicate them.

But she keeps saying “no”.

We play ball every day, and go for walks in the exotic woods and visit the animals behind the fences. I cuddle at night with my human and watch TV.  I get to meet new humans all the time.  They say things like I need to eat more.  Don’t they know I am perfect the way I am?  I am a Pointer!  I am a very good boy, and I am built perfectly.  My new human Patty gives me everything I need, and more.

This place is very confusing.  I like it, even though I hear “no” all the time.  I don’t think human Patty will be giving me away here.  She may be one crazy human but I think I have won her heart, and she will not give me away.  I am happy that she brought me here, and I try to show her all the time.

Yeah, my tail does get to be a problem….

You can read all about the adventures me and my new human PR are going to have together in the outdoors… I will write lots of stories under “I AM JACK” in her blog category, “Words From The Wild” I will be careful not to have many typos.  I am a good boy!  Please feel free to share with others who may find meaning and value in our journey together, and PR Brady AdVentures.



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