I AM JACK! Part 1

IAmJACKHi.  I am Jack.  I am a good boy.

I am really smart.  I am eight.  I like to hunt and play ball.  I am a Pointer.

I have lived most of my life with the very famous human, Loral I Delaney.  She taught me and my brother a lot about hunting with humans.  I am an amazing hunter.  I point to exactly where the birds are.  Then when they fly up and get shot, I go get them for my human.

One day I heard my human Loral I talking to another human about giving me away to another home.  She said she had too many dogs, and it would be a good thing for me.  She said it would help the new human to “heal”.

I was worried what that meant.

Then that new human came to see me.  I recognized her smell.  I hunted with this human and her German Short Hair and my Loral I, when I was very young.  I remembered she was nice, and convinced Loral I to let me ride in the truck instead of the kennel when we were done.

This is the human I am going to go home with?  Where is her German Short Hair?

I hear them talking about me.  A trial for a week or two?  See if I will fit in?

I was worried.  I want to fit in.  The human opened the back of her truck, and they put me in a kennel that smelled like that German Short Hair.  I searched anxiously for my humans eyes.  Loral I looked at me and said “Ok Patty, good luck, let me know in a week how you feel about Jack.”  And they closed the truck door.

I got scared.  I am Jack.  I am a good boy!

When we got to human Patty’s house she tried to lift me off of the truck to the ground.  I was embarrassed but grateful for the help.  She brought me to a big fenced in yard with lots of new smells and vertical objects to pee on. There is a strong scent of females here—where are they?  This is awesome!  I ran all around the yard, full of energy and excitement.  I couldn’t help myself, my long, wagging tail gave me away.  Although it was faint, I could smell that Short Hair everywhere.  When is he going to show?  Seems he hasn’t been here in a while.  Maybe he is with the females I smell?

MeetJack2I found out real fast that I don’t belong in the area where there are places to sit.  Those vertical objects should not be peed on.  I will try hard to remember that.  I will try hard.

This new human Patty brought out a brown bag, and pulled a red and white braided rope out of it and tossed it to me.  That was a surprise.  I gave it a sniff, wondering why she did that.  Then she presented me with a couple rubber toys, another rope toy, and an orange ball.  All these things for me?  What a grand surprise!  I collected them into a pile in the back of the yard and rushed to her to say thanks.

She pet me, grabbed me by the sides of my head, and told me I was a good boy.  Yes, I am!  I am Jack!  I wagged my tail hard to show her how happy I am to be here.  I rubbed on her legs like a cat, and looked up into her face.  Her eyes were sad.  I stood tall and proud for her.  I danced and jumped and wagged tail for her.  Every time she said my name I came right to her with great excitement.   She pet me and told me I was a funny boy.  Funny?  I thought I was being charming.  I will win her heart.

She started doing yard work.  I should help.  I danced in the leaf piles, and when she would bend over to scoop up leafs I’d sneak up from behind, thrust my head between her knees, look right to her face, and wag my tail.  Eventually she started to laugh.  Ha!  I am a good boy! But then she started to cry.  Did I make her cry?  Oh No!  She sat down on the wooden deck and cried.  I ran up to her with great excitement and enthusiasm.  Look! I have the braided rope!  I dropped it to her feet and nuzzled up to her chest.  She wrapped her arms around me, telling me I was a good boy.  A sweet boy.  Oh I like to hear that!  She hung onto me tight.  Then I knew.

That German Short Hair isn’t coming back.  That is why she is sad.  She has a broken heart.

Well, I am just the dog to fix that.  I will show her.   I am Jack. I am a very good boy.  I’ve been trained by a famous human and I am really smart, just like that German Short Hair was.  Smart enough to know that I can make this new human Patty happy again. Meet Jack1 That’s what I will spend the rest of my days doing.  I will walk at her side, wag tail, play ball, point birds, go get them, and cuddle up with her at night in gratitude that she is my human.  Just you watch and see.  I am no replacement.  I will be a whole new adventure for this human.  And I will win and mend her heart.

I am Jack.

Wait—what’s that?  Oh my, what the heck are those two blonde hair balls running towards me?  Are those her females?



You can read all about the adventures me and my new human PR (Patty) are going to have together in the outdoors…. I will write lots of stories under “I AM JACK” in her blog category, “Words From The Wild”. I will be careful not to have many typos.  I am a good boy!  Please feel free to share with others who may find meaning and value in our journey together, and PR Brady AdVentures.


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  1. I am so happy for you and for Jack! How exciting to have a new friend. While it’s true, Buddy was a special dog and can’t be replaced, I see much joy in your future with your new friend.

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