I am Jack — Miss Neighbor

Hello! I am Jack and I am a good boy! Well most of the time, anyway. Just the other day I had a brand new kind of adventure. It put a pretty good scare into my human and her friend. The hair balls were even upset. Luckily, all is well now. But if I could hold a pen, I would write this and give it to the neighbor.

Hello Miss Neighbor,

I am Jack and I am a good boy. I am a famous hunter, too. Thank you for seeing me running free across the street, and catching me. My human was very worried, and scared, and also mad at me for leaving our yard. She said it was the worst 20 minutes of her life! She and her friend ran up and down our street looking for me. I didn’t realize how bad of a thing I had done. The gate was cracked open and I thought she was just on the other side.

Somewhere on the other side.

Okay, so I knew she wasn’t right there, and I was just curious about what was on the other side.

How can anyone blame me for getting caught up in the moment? All that unexplored ground on the other side of our fence? Just around the corner from our house there were so many vertical objects to pee on, I kept hitting them and hitting them until I lost count! Your two beautiful females watched me trot by, saying “run, Jack, run! Be free!” So in an effort to impress them, I did.

The soft breeze in my face, my ears flapping in the wind, and so many bunny and squirrel smells? I was dialed in and it was euphoria! I haven’t been able to run like that since we came home from Florida! And OH the endless opportunities to mark my turf? How liberating!

Then you came along. I knew who you were by your scent (hey, I’m a dog, after all!) and I wondered if you would scold me, or what. You were very nice. You were very sneaky, too. You had me nailed with the treats, so I let you catch me. You gently slid that collar around my neck, and clipped the leash on. Alas, my adventure had to come to an end.

I didn’t realize how far away I had gone until my human saw us down the side street, ran to us and fell into your arms crying. After that long walk back she said I could have been hit by a car and hurt or killed, or someone could have just scooped me up into their car and taken me away forever. I felt real bad. REAL bad. I love my human and my home—and even those two female hairballs.

So thank you for catching me. You probably saved my life. I am sorry I played “hard to get” with you and interrupted your afternoon. You were really nice. And sweet touch with those treats. They were good!  I am sorry I made my human cry and worry. Thank you for being nice to her too. When she held my head in her hands and said “I can’t lose you too!” I was ashamed for what I did. I know my human has gone through a lot already. I have learned my lesson and I won’t leave our yard again without her. I understand, she really needs me!

One last thing, Miss Neighbor;

Your two female canines smell so fine I can barely think straight. Their long, long legs and perfectly groomed tails give me crazy dreams. We’ve exchanged glances through the fence for some time now. The way they smile and show their bright whiteMissNeighbor teeth, and tilt their beautiful dark heads and gaze at me with their big brown eyes, my heart melts and they really make my tail wag. A lot. Are they seeing any other dogs? I am available and interested in both of them. Any time you want to let us play together, I’m just across the fence, humbly at their service. I am Jack and I am a good boy. In fact, I am a charming ladies’ man. I am an excellent hunter, too!

And trust me, I’m not leaving our yard without permission ever again.

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