I Am Jack—Merry Christmas

Hi! I am Jack!  I am a very good boy.  I am an expert hunter.  I like to fetch the ball, too.

I have to say, my new human PR does some very strange things.

For example,

She went out into the big screened room of our home on wheels, and made a tree with her bare hands that doesn’t look like any tree I’ve ever seen.  She pulled it’s parts out of a big box.  It doesn’t smell like a tree, it doesn’t feel like a tree, and yet it looks just like one.

I think I need to pee on it.  That would maybe help. But every time I go over to it to lift my leg, she SCREAMS at me to get away.

What’s up with THAT?

And then she put all kinds of twinkling lights on it, and put all sorts of small sparkling things in it, and many round colorful things that I think would be fun to fetch or chew. But every time I go over to the tree to take something to play with, she SCREAMS at me to get away.

What’s up with THAT?

And THEN….she put something underneath that strange tree that smells so amazing I can hardly stand it.  I’m not the only one, either, that feels that way.  Those two blonde females are always trying to get under the tree to get to that container with the great smell. Every time we go over to the tree to try to see what it is, she SCREAMS at us to get away.

She yells at me if my tail knocks off the things on that tree.  She yells at me if I try to see what is underneath that tree.  I don’t understand why that darn tree is so special.

And THEN, there’s those big stockings.  They are hanging up high right over my kennel.  JackXmas2014There are some crazy good smells coming from those stockings!  I try to jump up to reach one, and when I do, she SCREAMS at me to get down.

What is this all about, anyway?

So, then she told me I have to sit down and be still.  Right next to the strange tree.  You have no idea how hard this is for me to do.  But, fine.  I’ll do it for her.  She looks at me from behind some black thing, and says “good boy, Jack.”   Well, I know I am a good boy!  I am an amazing hunter, too!  And I am doing my best to behave, not ignore her yelling and just pee on that tree.  Even though I know it needs it!

And THEN, another human comes over and they make me and those blonde hairballs go outside and sit together by some real trees.  How crazy that I have to sit with those two hairball females.  But, it seems so important to my human, so I do it. Christmas2014 She squats down next to me.  The other human is looking at us with that black thing, and she, too says “good boy, Jack, good girls.”

My new human is truly strange.  I never experienced anything like this, actually.  Apparently all this crazy stuff was done so we could say one thing:

Merry Christmas!


You can read all about the adventures me and my new human PR are going to have together in the outdoors… I will write lots of stories under “I AM JACK” in her blog category, “Words From The Wild” I will be careful not to have many typos.  I am a good boy!  Please feel free to share with others who may find meaning and value in our journey together, and PR Brady AdVentures.



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