Hooping Hoopla!

One thing for sure, I’m not afraid to try something new.  Especially if it involves being active, having a laugh, learning something useful, or doing anything that includes music.  Well, in my ever present need to find things to do, I did a search in Meetup.com to find out what fun local things might be going on in my best friends area, since I was heading back to Jersey for another week or so of girl time.  Who knew that Sharon Fit Belly Dance and Group Fitness Studio offered hoop dance lessons?  What?  What’s that?  We’ve just got to go check this out!

Picture hula hoops.  Great big fat hula hoops, with lots of colors and shine.  And picture 70s rock, 80’s, 90’s and even the latest sensation; Gangnam Style, playing.  Then picture me and my friend, and a room full of other women, all “shakin’ the booty” with our hoops, trying to follow Sharon’s direction.

Oh, that woman makes it look so easy!

The idea of hoop dance is to rock your hips and keep the hoop circling your body, and by doing so you are gaining rhythm, and loosing weight. Hooping is a great core workout and burns a minimum of 400 calories per hour. What a fun way to burn the butt off.  The bigger the hoop, the easier to keep it up and circling.  There are a number of maneuvers involved in hooping, including waist, hip, leg, arm, and chest hooping, plus hand choreographing to pass the hoop from side to side as part of a whole dance routine. 

It helps to have rhythm, but let me tell you, it’s not a ‘shoe in’ for success.  It’s hard work keeping that hoop up there!

Sharon Fit, the Hooping Guru and our esteemed instructor, was a joy to get to know and learn from.  She brought fun and levity to the class, but at the same time shared useful body mechanics information that will help with hooping and general health long after the class is over.

In our one hour beginner session, I was challenged, humbled, entertained and indeed, hooped out.  But… now I kinda sorta really want one of those hoops.  Gotta have me one.  Nah, maybe another day.  Where would I find a hoop class back home anyway?

Then Sharon says,  “well why not start one?”

The Adventure Continues.

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