It was time for Dennis the Menace and Carol to leave for Mississippi to volunteer for a disaster relief project.  Dennis thought they’d be coming back in a few weeks, but I was teary eyed all the same.  As they pulled out of the campground I waved a sad goodbye.

But in the process of musical neighbors, I was blessed with yet another exceptional experience.  Sometimes, you just have a feeling about a person. An unexplainable connection.  It happened to me the minute I met Lyn and Ted. 

When they backed into their campsite I was especially intrigued to see how Ted would unhook and set up.  After all, I need to learn how to manage my RV by watching other people.  He sauntered around the corner of his truck, wearing faded jeans and a soft plaid shirt, sporting a10 gallon hat and cowboy boots. His keys hung from a chain on his jeans.  He strolled over to the storage bin on their camper with slow, deliberate movement.  There was an air about him.  He resonated as a steadfast, methodical reliable man.  I went over to him and started asking questions about unhooking. His laid back, soft spoken response was like listening to a breeze through a patch of willow trees. All he needed was a banjo.  Suddenly I was getting a mini-tutorial on how to level an RV, and that quickly evolved into a discussion about many things pertaining to RVs.  He had just purchased theirs as well, and was intrigued by my story. “You need to meet Lyn, and tell her about what you did!”

Then the camper door opened, and a breath fresh air and burst of sunshine hit me and Secret Spot Park like a bolt of lightning.  Introducing Lyn, the most dynamic person I’ve met in years.  Her cheery greeting and southern drawl is a priceless combination to win hearts instantly.

“Way’ll hhhhhigh, thare!” She welcomed me as though we’ve been best friends forever.  Before long, we were chatting away like best friends, too.  Lyn hales from the Tennessee back country and is a tour operator/consultant with Mountain Memory Tours. She’s an outdoors woman who has traveled a road in life that is almost unbelievable.  A true inspiration to women, a living reminder that “this too shall pass”.  It’s hard to believe she had been wheel chair bound and had both knees replaced.  Her bubbly personality and active lifestyle would never allow her to go down for the count!  Living a life of travel and adventure, she knows more details about more places than everyone else I’ve ever met combined.  She shares endless stories about people and places. Some of my favorite ones are about her time spent growing up in the back country.  Lyn is short for Ethlyn, and yes, she grew up without a bathroom in the house.

We share meals and stories frequently.  We sit around the campfire with Buddy and Lois and other neighbors, joking about who exactly has the biggest accent.  Tonight they will come over for Stuffed Green Peppers.  Lyn is bringing her famous Apple Pie (the liquid version) and Ted contributed venison for the meat!  These are two people I love to pieces and would follow home. I mean really.  I’d follow them about anywhere.  Now there’s a scary realization.   Ya’all keep readin’ my blog now, ya hear?

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