Happy New Year

The end of the year has passed. The time of closure. The time of reflection.  The time of renewed belief in miracles.  A time to realize how lucky we humans are, how complex our very existence is, and how much we have to be grateful for, every single day.  Often, the end of a year is a time to contemplate our path, our needs, desires, and whether or not there is cause for any changes.

And now here we are, unfolding into a new year, a new decade. A fresh start.

Have you come to discover anything you no longer need?

I know I have, as I continue to evolve—coming deeper into a lifestyle based on peace, I find myself already making slow and steady changes in action and thought.

Change can be a daunting idea.

Especially if we seek, or find comfort in habits that are perhaps bad for us. Turning away from them can feel impossible.

But what if we mustered up the courage to let the past, the bad, the unsolvable, the hurtful, the scary, and all the icky stuff go?

Just walk away?

What would that look like?

Feel like?

Letting go of that which we do not need frees us to rise above ego, indulgence and entitlement. It sheds layers—even years–of conditioning away, leaving a sense of all there is to be grateful for here and now.

Finding gratitude simplifies our lives, allowing space for appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, tolerance and grace. How would our world look if we all stood together in these things?

What a beautiful concept to dream.

What a beautiful change.

May the New Year bring a softening of opinions, a lessening of polarized views and expectations and demands. May you receive an abundance of good health, peace, joy, love and contentment.  May you find space to experience each moment lived to its fullest. May your path be one of wonder and appreciation. May you share your true soul self and all the goodness in you with everyone you meet.  Peace and Good Will towards all.  Let’s be the catalysts of change launching into a fabulous 2020.


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About PR

I’m an “Oily Yogi” ready to inspire you to reach for limitless possibilities.

With a lifetime of experience in the outdoors, one of my biggest joys is to share my passion for adventure with others. After spending decades in suits and buildings, I found a way to combine the office and the outdoors in a way that optimizes positive results. There is a clearly defined correlation between nature, sensory contact, and high impact performance.

I am recognized as a change agent, who inspires people to allow their dreams to become reality through group and individual experiential settings. But perhaps the best gift I can bring to the table is my passion for your wellbeing. I enjoy coaching and training others to achieve their personal and professional goals, focusing on health, wellness wholeness, and limitless possibilities. Everything starts with the self; and is unique to each person. Simply tuning into the breath, mindfulness, and gentle movement for starters. Whenever I can, we take the work outside.

Life is an adventure! Whether it’s a business or personal situation, career path or life path, As Chief Experience Officer of PR Brady AdVentures, my passion is Inspiring Limitless Possibilities, Bringing Our Best Selves to Life.
So, shall we begin?
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