Happy Endings

For some people, if they’ve spent a good deal of time living a somewhat solitary lifestyle, it can be hard to re-enter civilization.  But for others it can be a snap. 

Me?  Snap!

My extended visit in NJ has been amazing, and feels as though my friend and I are back in Junior High.  From trips to NY and parties and shopping, to trips to her office room to organize and clean, all time well spent.  We did so many things.  We didn’t get to do so many things.  So much so, that I delayed leaving a second time. We added in a play (Pride and Prejudice) a trip to the spa (It’s All About Me Salon & Day Spa) and a couple more evenings sipping wine in the family room with her two Dachshunds Ozzie and Sharon, and my 3 babies.  Laughing, dreaming, scheming, making future plans and reminiscing on what we did. 

Perhaps one of our favorite quiet times together was watching our dogs become a pack. Her two long hair Dachshunds and my two long hair Lhasa Apsos outnumbered Buddy 4 to 1 in the “little dog” arena.  My poor German Short Hair gave in to the realization that in NJ, he was just a big little dog in the pack, and would curl up in the tiniest of balls on Ozzie or Sharon’s little dog beds.  We spent hours enjoying their interactions, taking them on walks, and talking about life.

Oh, how I will miss my dear friend Lynn as I continue on my journey.  Oh, how I will chuckle over and over and over as I recall our good times.  Oh, how quickly we will plan our future visits, which there will now be many more of.  And oh, how many good byes can two Minnesota girls hug and cry and express before we finally actually do part?

Ohhhh my.  Many.  It’s that Minnesota good bye thing. You betcha.

But for now, the adventure must continue!  All aboard for due South!

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  1. Just reading it make me happy.

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