Fishy Business

Retirement: the American dream.  The tasty carrot dangling at the end of a career.  The gold ring. That hard earned life of leisure we work our whole lives to enjoy.

What do people do with all that newfound free time?  Some go golfing.  Some spend time up north at the cabin.  Some putts around the house fixing things up.  Some maintain every blade of grass in their yards to shear (get it?) perfection.

Fishy2And then there is Dennis.

He has a very different view of retirement.  It may seem like he and his wife lead a quiet, caring life of faith and community.  But on top of all that, in an effort to make good use out of the scrap wood in his commercial woodshop,

Dennis is into some fishy business.

Dennis has decided to devote his energy into making fish.  Not as in a fishery;  not as in serving fish at a restaurant.  No, we’re talking about a scrap of solid wood, carved into a fish shape.  Not just any shape, a shape with meaning.

How cool to make a few here and there.  You know, give them out to people like friends, and family.  A truly non-denominational expression of faith.

But oh no, that’s not where it stops for Dennis.  He is into this fishy business to the tune of about 200 fish in a batch, about 30 fish per day until the batch is complete.  What started as a cute fish idea, has grown into supplying churches in 16 states across the UniteJesusd States, and in four other countries.  All hand drawn, cut and finished.  He’s casting out a faithful message with wooden fish into the world.  Annual volume ranges right around two thousand per year.  Every stranger he encounters is presented a fish.  I treasure mine, indeed!  Calls come from all corners of the country—of the world–for fish orders.  All word of mouth orders.  One of his recent Church orders called for 350 fishes.

Now that’s a bunch of retirement fish!

Dennis and Carol lead a very busy life besides being up to the gills in fishy business.  They travel south in the winter to help communities in need of housing assistance.  His carpentry skills are put to great use rebuilding homes still waiting for “post Katrina” repairs. His wife works by his side, sewing, cooking cleaning, and prepping for the next work project to be done.

What an admirable couple on a mission of faith and fish.

Sometimes, when I am distracted, restless, or just not feeling up to par, I find myself reaching for my fish.  Yes, I am hooked.  I never seem to tire of examining its curves, the deep cut lettering, the way it fits so perfectly in my hand, or the simplicity of its message. It certainly reels me in.  As I clutch it tightly into my palm, I smile and think about Dennis, a man in a very Fishy Business.

If you’d like to cast a net full of these awesome fish, contact PR Brady AdVentures for more information.

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