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It’s about time to think about ending my Savannah visit.  I’m parked in my favorite spot at Emmet Park.  Me and the kids are strolling around a couple squares, one last time.  .  People are milling about here and there.  Everyone is so friendly.  We stop and talk to folks wanting to know what kind of dogs I have.  It’s true, we have yet to see even one other German Short Hair or Lhasa Apso since we left home.

Another conversation leads to my response of “yes I am traveling alone”.

Yes, a woman traveling alone.  It does happen.  Perhaps more often than you’d think.  What is it that makes the idea of a person, and truthfully, a woman, traveling alone to be a concerning thing?  

Are women perceived as incompetent? Weak?  An easy “target”?  What are the perceptions?

For me, my perception of meeting a woman traveling alone is—good for you!  Way to go! What are your travel plans?  Tell me some of the highlights of your adventure so far! What do you recommend?

For me, my perception of traveling alone is this:

We get one pass through life.  We can wait for the right time, or the right people or the right what EVER before we go do the things that make us happy, or, we can simply go do those things now.

Life is now. 

What are you afraid of?

What are you waiting for?

If I were to wait until I had someone to go with, I may be waiting for the rest of my life.  Common sense directs me in my choices and every step I take.  Self-confidence, independence, ability to be self-reliant, the ability to read people and situations, all traits that make me who I am.  And who I am is a life loving, people loving, curious and adventurous soul.

Think about this.  So far on my adventure, a kid shot up a school room in Connecticut.  A gang executed a former member-turned-law student walking down the street in New York.  A lone gunman unloaded at a department store in a mall in Oregon. Just a few news briefs.

We are not safe in school, at the store, on the street, in the movie theater, or basically anywhere.  So what does a woman alone do?  Nothing unless someone does it with her?  Not go to work or to the grocery store or the Doctors office?  Not go out at night because, well, it’s night? Not go out of the house at all?  Do we allow ourselves to be held hostage by the fear of “what if”?

I don’t think so.

I think we embrace and cherish our lives and live them to the fullest. 

Here are some things to think about when traveling alone.


1)      Everyone is suspicious in nature until you determine they are not

2)      Be as fit as you can, mind, strength-wise and cardio-wise, take a self-defense class

3)      Always keep everything in front of you (not allow yourself to be surrounded)

4)      Make eye contact frequently—size people up

5)      Never stop monitoring your surroundings

6)      Don’t expose cash, credit cards or expensive items freely

7)      Do not disclose any personal info to someone you are not comfortable with

8)      Make connections with the help and locals (they may “have your back”)

9)      Blend in whenever you can 

10)  Don’t stay anywhere that appears to be unsafe

11)  Don’t offer or accept rides with strangers

12)  Keep remote area visiting to day trips only—preferably being done by noon

13)  Park in well lighted high traffic areas

14)  Always, always, always have something readily available to defend yourself with

15)  Know, right now, that you will do whatever it takes to protect you and yours


Be able to say with conviction; “God help the person that tries to mess with me.” and have that be the Gods honest truth.

Then, get out there and enjoy life, with or without others!


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  1. I love this post…it’s about so much more than just traveling alone…it truly is about life and we only get one chance to make the most of every moment and it’s clear you are making the most of yours. Thank you for the inspiration.

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