Drip! Drip! Drip!

One day, when my German Short Hair was still a new addition to the family, we were off  bird hunting and camping in an area that offered a water sprocket, and other people in the campground said it was fresh spring water.

So I filled a container for him.  And that morning, Buddy drank his fill of that fresh spring water before we went out for a day of pheasant hunting.  I packed several small bottles to bring with, as well.

About half way into the day, I found a great “untouched” section of field, with the wind in the perfect direction.  I parked and jumped out of the truck to fetch Buddy from his kennel in back.

Low and behold, we had ourselves a big problem. The smell coming from his kennel was outrageous, and he was trying his hardest to keep all 4 paws tight to the walls of the kennel so as not to step in the outrageous diarrhea that filled the back wall and floor of his kennel.

There are no words.  It was awful.  For hours.  Oh what we went through together to clean that mess up.  Never again.

Ever since that day, I’ve made it a point to carry water from home for the canine.  No changes to upset their system while on the road.  Normally it’s not a big deal, since we’re never gone more than about a week.

But in planning for a long trip, things change.  As I finished packing up, I evaluated the situation and realized I could really use about another 10 gallons of water along.  So I dashed off to Gander Mountain, and bought two brand new 5 gallon, plastic collapsible Reliance Fold-a-Carrier containers, filled them and loaded them up. They have been securely positioned on the bottom row of supplies on the cargo rack, between other water containers, that will be retrieved last.

Today, I went to pull one out for use.  “Drip, drip, drip”.  Water is all over the bottom of my tarped cargo rack.  That would explain the occasional mysterious moisture under the car I’d noticed in Lynns’ driveway.  One of my new containers is about half empty.

The cap was still on tight, the sprocket not accidentally turned to open, but the water is no longer there.  As I feel along the seams and turn the container from side to side to side, I cannot find leaks or anything wrong.  But on the top, there is some moisture surfacing, so it appears that maybe the closure is not firmly sealed?  So the water very slowly leaked out from the top underneath the cap?  Still not sure what happened. But in about 30 days I lost about 2 ½ gallons of water just from traveling. At least the other container seems ok.

Still, I am not happy. 

Shame on me for not checking to make sure my brand new water containers were problem free.  But as a consumer, why do we have to be concerned that a brand new water container would be defective?

Back to purchasing purified water at the store.

My advice is if you decide to purchase the Reliance Fold-a-Carrier container, make sure you have time to test the heck out of it first and ensure there is no leaking.

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