Defending the Fort, Part 1of 3

Day Four in camp. 

It’s been a long, warm day and we are exhausted from hiking around and exploring new wild places all day.  After a quick dinner and clean up around the cook camp, we’re ready to tuck in for the night and watch the movie Dog Show on my computer.  Soon after, I drift off to sleep with Sunny Girl across my chest, Buddy on top of my feet, and Angel stretched out along my side.  Cool night air.  Snoring dogs.  Deep, heavy slumber.  Rest is good.

Suddenly I am snatched awake by an unfamiliar sound.  I spring upright, causing dogs to abruptly fall off the cot in all directions.  I know I heard something.  The girls begin a low growl.  I jump up, and peer out the tent window.  My feeble little string of holiday lights aren’t providing enough light.  It’s dark, I can’t see anything, but I just know something is not right.  Its 2:00 am.  I sneak out the tent in my underwear and look around the cook tent.  Everything seems to be in order.  

Except….wait a minute…..where the heck is my George Forman Grill???



I peer out around the cook canopy tarp to see something white and metal bouncing away across the ground, seemingly being dragged by a small furry animal.

ARE you KIDDING  ME????????

This is war, people, this is downright war!  I can’t stand bein’ done like that!

I have to be quiet, but that damn raccoon is two campsites away with my George Forman Grill!  I quickly grab a couple bottles of water and run after it, watching my grill bouncing across the ground.

WHAPPP!  I hit the Masked Bandit on the first throw.  A solid blow to the head and shoulders.  He chatters, let’s go of the grill and bolts into the dark.  The dogs are barking, begging to come out and assist.  So much for being quiet.  But I, the stealth hunter, stand proudly over my grill, the victor.

Dang, it’s chilly out here!

OH, Shit!  I’m standing out here in my underwear!  I quickly grab the grill, grab the water, and run back to the tent, praying no one saw any of that!


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