Day In Peru

Finally.  After a long, frightening, grueling journey around Indianapolis, and taking overnight refuge at the Pilot, I have finally broke free of the insanity and am just about to find my way to Peru Indiana!  I was given some great directions from the morning manager at Pilot, and haven’t have any issues.  There is not much here, not much to see on this highway.  This post-apocalyptic feel of abandoned space is deceiving. There are people here somewhere….I just don’t see where….

A car pops up on the horizon, draws closer to me, but turns off and disappears behind a hillside.  Well there is at least one other human out here.

My trusty GPS is telling me to turn right.  I do, and am drawn down into a valley and farmstead scene that could be on a calendar. Flashbacks of the low bridge enter my head, and I start looking for places to turn around.  

Trust the system, it will be okay… I blink away those scary thoughts, and forage ahead, to see beautiful countryside that I am sure few people ever have the privilege of seeing.  Then it’s down a steep hill, around a corner and into a rickety little town called Peru. 

WOW, this is Peru?  Was it evacuated?

It’s Easter Sunday and there is no life anywhere to be seen. I am directed from one end of the town clear through to the other, and then out of town to the very outskirts to find Riverside Trailers manufacturing facility.  I pull into their property and park in front of the business office.

A quick call to Mark and I‘ve got instructions to plug into their building for power and make myself comfortable.  It’s a warm sunny Easter Sunday in Peru.  A day of lounging, left overs, and walks around the property with the dogs. I try to not think about last night’s adventure of terror.

It’s Monday morning, and I am up bright and early in anticipation of my big day of assistance from Riverside Trailers. Mark can’t be here today, but I meet Eric and review my list of issues.  He believes they can get things done fairly quickly, and sends me off in the truck with the dogs, leaving my Toy Hauler with their expert staff for the day.

Today I am treating myself to breakfast. A quick drive back into the city limits of Peru and I stumble upon “Grandma Mason’s Kitchen”.  Their motto?  “Meals and Memories Made Here.”

I’ll say.  What a friendly home town kind of place!  My waitress is about 18, and so dreadfully shy I just want to hug her and tell her it will be ok!  She is warming up though, and is doing a great job. Where else can you get a home cooked breakfast with coffee for under $5?  Where else can you get the complete story on the entire town, just by listening to the owner talk with regulars as they come and go. I’m tipping her more than the cost of my meal.

Peru, Indiana.  A sleepy little town, but also the home of Cole Porter, famous composer and song writer of great hits like Don’t Fence Me In, Let’s Do It (let’s fall in love), I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Anything Goes, and dozens more.  Yes, I actually have some of those albums (thanks, mom), and recall hearing those tunes as a little girl. Cole was quite the legend. It’s one thing to be the son of the richest guy in town, but when it’s this town…..well, what do I know about what life  was like in the late 1800s?

This is also where the International Circus Hall of Fame and the Circus City Festival Museum can be found.  An amazing history exists about how the circus started, the many transfers of owners over the years, leading to John Ringling ending up with it all. Still, annual festivities are held, celebrating the days of the big top here in Peru.

The Miami Indians reside here (the indigenous people, not a sports team).  This is where Francis Slocum spent the majority of her life. After being stolen as a child by Delaware Indians in the late 1700’s she was raised by Miami Indians here in Peru.

Peru is also home to an amazing Disc Frisbee Golf course, found in the middle of Maconaquah Park.  The kids and I took a walk around the park, and found it to be simply gorgeous. We even had a chance to see some serious Disc Frisbee action. 

We’ve pretty much covered everything there is to see in Peru Indiana now.  Luckily, it’s time to go back to Riverside and see how things are going.  As I drive through town, Rhonda calls to see if I am on my way.  She works closely with Mark and will be taking things from here, and giving me the factory tour.  I am back in their parking lot in a matter of minutes.

We walk through the work area to see my new and improved Toy Hauler.  THEY FIXED EVERYTHING!  It was all I could do to not cry with joy.  They went down my list and fixed everything!  These guys are great!  Simply great!  They discovered that my LP tanks were almost empty.  Why would that be?  I never used the LP. Well, I take that back.  When Mark came to talk with me at the Campgrounds, he showed me how to use the LP—he did a quick demo, but that was it. Would that burn two tanks?  Not likely. So, either there is something wrong with the tanks……or…….it just burns me up that the dealer lied about providing me two full tanks of LP!

I talk with Rhonda at length about the struggle, disappointment, frustration and my absolute refusal to ever communicate with that dealer again. Thank the gods there are other options I can go through.

She gives me the full tour of how they build the trailers.  It is comforting to see American made product, especially in little Peru Indiana.  My trailer is built solid, assembled by skilled carpenters and I feel so much more confident about it after seeing how one is put together.  The key is to take care of every single place where there is caulking—keep everything watertight and this trailer will last for years and years.  Armed with a much better understanding about how it all works, I’m ready to hit the road with confidence.  The guys help me re-hook up–Awesome!

I thank the amazing folks from Riverside Trailer for their outstanding level of service and head toward Chicago, hoping to miss rush hour.  Just to make sure, I stop in Merrillville Indiana for a tasty sirloin steak dinner at the Longhorn Grill, while the girls get fresh flea baths at Petsmart. Buddy and I take a walk around the Petsmart store and outside the shopping mall afterwards, waiting for his beauty queen sisters hairdo’s to be completed.

We are making fine progress toward home.  We just need to get to Franksville, Wisconsin tonight.  I continue bearing northwest, thinking back to my experience with the great folks at Riverside Trailers.  I love my Toy Hauler!




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