Crazy Good Mexi Corn

MexiCornI was first introduced to this amazing taste sensation at a Hispanic Flea Market.  The line for this corn was three deep and several dozen long.  One ear of corn and I was hooked for life!


  • 12 ears of corn in the husks
  • 1 C Mayo
  • 3 C Sour Cream
  • 1/3 C finely chopped fresh Cilantro
  • 2 ½  C grated parmesan cheese (fresh grated is best by far, but a tall container of Kraft is super handy)
  • 1 container Red Chili Powder 3 limes (cut into wedges)

Two “Sure Fire” Corn Cooking Methods:

Boiled:     Place corn in a large container of boiling water for approximately 15 minutes, until tender. Pull back husks when cooked, using the husk and core for a handle.

Grilled:     Soak corns in water for several hours, then place on grill with husks on, until husks become crisp and slightly blackened, turning frequently for even cooking.  Pull back husks when cooked, using the husk and core for a handle.

  While corn is cooking:

  • Now is when you would fresh grate your cheese into a bowl, or have your Kraft container ready.
  • Mix mayo, sour cream and cilantro and place in a long shallow container you can effectively roll an ear of corn in.
  • Have two plates side by side in front of you, next to the mayo sauce, ready to work with.  Have your cheese and chili powder next to the plates.
  • Roll the ear of corn in the Mayo mix to coat thoroughly.  Paint with spoon or brush if needed.
  • Hold ear over the first plate, and shake cheese to cover the ear of corn.
  • Hold ear over the second plate, and shake chili powder to lightly dust ear of corn.

Because you have kept them separate with plates, you can re-use your remaining ingredients in your “assembly line” easily.

Hand out with lime wedges to squeeze over corn.

Serves up to 12

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  1. This is the best! I can even make this on my own, the one who is NOT a cook. Well, Patty did have to show me how to cook it the first time. 🙂 Thanks Patty! Becca

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