Carol’s Aebelskiver Cakes

wi 370Otherwise known as Danish Pancakes

They are cute and oh so good!  The key to this ultra-YUMMY Danish breakfast, brunch, or anytime super awesome treat is to have the right pan.  What is the right pan?  An Aebelskiver pan of course.  There are good ones and bad ones—the best one is a round, cast iron pan with 7 cute little mini pancake cups set inside.  Make sure  to heat the pan up well and have shortening ready to prep each cup with each round of Aebelskivers you make.  Also make sure you have a shish-kabob stick handy.

While your Aebelskiver pan is heating on the stovetop….

3 Eggs—separated

2 C flour – sifted

2 T sugar

½ t salt

1 t soda

1 t baking powder

8 T powdered buttermilk (to make 2 cups)

wi 368Beat egg whites until fluffy.  In another bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar.  Add buttermilk, sifted flour, and remaining dry ingredients.   Fold in the egg whites.

Pan should now be well heated—place a dab of shortening into each cup, and fill ¾ full with batter.  Brown the cakes, then carefully flip each one with the shish-kabob stick.  This whole process should be completed within a minute or so.

Flip the cakes out of their cups onto a plate with the shish-kabob stick,  and prepare another batch.wi 369

Aebelskivers are typically served in 7’s, with jam jelly, powdered sugar, apple sauce, or maple syrup.  

This recipe makes at least 28 Aebelskivers. 

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