Buddy—A Series Of Adventures—Cherishing Memories

good boy

Sweet Buddy, thoughts of you weigh heavy on my mind lately.

You’ve been gone a year now.

Even today, a year later, tears come to my eyes just thinking of you.

Sweet boy, I miss you so much!

How surprising it is to realize the impact you’ve had on me; on my life. It’s true, there are MeNmyBoyplaces where we went, that I still cannot go to. Especially places we went those last few months, those places are still oh so painful to visit.

Sometimes I think I feel you around me. Moments catch me by surprise with memories of you, your silly antics, your steadfast loyalty, and your focused dedication to the hunt.   Those moments press hard on my chest, on my heartstrings, clawing up into my throat, taking my breath away. And then I cry.

Oh, sweet Buddy. You left us way too soon.

We missed a whole hunting season. A winter playing on sandy beaches. A spring of fetching across the fields. A summer of diving off the docks.

And now,

Another bird season is approaching, and we will miss that too. But now your friend Jack is ready to stand at my side. It will be our first time together. It’s true, I sometimes accidently call him by your name. He has patience beyond measure with me. Please stand alongside him, and help him learn to work with me the amazing way you did. He too, is a very good boy.

But oh how I miss watching you run like the wind, with ears flapping and nose to the ground–the lean mean hunting machine. My hunting companion. My companion.

My sweet Buddy.


Thank you for a decade of unconditional love.

Thank you for a decade of lessons, tests and achievements.

Thank you for a decade of making my world so very special.Air Dog

Thank you for letting me be your human.

Although you are gone, your presence is still right here.

It always will be.




With heavy heart, I’m cherishing memories of you today.

Hoping you are loving it across that rainbow bridge.



Buddy Boy McBrady

Gone Forever Bird Hunting as of Monday, Sept 1st 2014 at 3:30 p.m.

“Find us some good fields up there, boy, and I will see you again soon.”


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