Boy Scout Buddy

“Hahhhd tellin’, not knowin’.”  Famous words of Boy Scout Buddy.  The social butterfly of the East Coast, Buddy is the camp host on site 11.  He and his sweet wife Lois meet and greet incoming campers and make them feel at home. The pair hail from The Hamptons, and articulate the very distinct accent to prove it. Ever since my encounter with the tarp full of ants, he comes checking on me periodically.

“How u doin?  Any prahhhhhhblems with the wildlife? Don’t leave anything out!  Let me know how I can help, any time.  I’m a Boy Scout.”

He fills me in on the fishing, the beaches, the areas for walking and exploring.  There are many things to do at this Secret Spot.  I just love to hear him and Lois talk.  I am hooked.  And when they are together they are without a doubt the cutest couple I’ve ever seen in my life. Like clockwork every evening they are out walking Cosmos, their little Chi Wawa, down the road, stopping every six feet to talk to someone.  Their cat, Kallie, usually following close behind.

Buddy has stories about the Scouts, about friends, about business.  He can conjure up a story out of a bag of rocks.  He knows where the deals are, who the right people are, and what the correct procedures are.  They have been camp hosts here for years.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about Flahhhhhrida and can go into detail on virtually any topic you throw to him.  He knows where to go, and where NOT to, and as he steers you in a direction he will emphatically tell you every time, 

“I can’t lie, I’m a Boy Scout.”  He exclaims. 

He and Lois seem to know something about everything. If they don’t know, they will go get the answer and be back with it.  The one thing they don’t seem to have is the correct information on their age.  Sadly, Buddy seems to think he is 70, with Lois not far behind.  This is not simply possible, they had to be given incorrect numbers years ago.  These people have to be in their 50’s.  I’m certain of it.  I’m not sure how to convince them though.  But, eventually I will.

In the scope of the afternoon, he introduces me to half the people staying here at Secret Spot Park.  “These ahhhhh some good people to get to know.”

And so it all begins.

I never thought there’d be two Buddy’s in my life, but as luck would have it, now it appears there are.  “Hahhhd tellin’, not knowin’.”  My world is becoming rich with great people. Even Boy Scouts.

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