Basil Cheese Dip

BasilCheeseSpreadRight on schedule, basil is booming in the garden and I’ve got a field of it! There are so many awesome dishes to put basil in! Here is one of the easiest, and yummiest recipes ever to WOW a crowd on a hot summer day!

15 oz softened goat cheese

15 oz ricotta cheese

1 lemon

1 giant bunch of fresh basil (about 5 big branches with lots of leafs—it shrinks up fast!)

  • Mix the cheeses together in a big glass bowl
  • Chop up the basil and combine with the cheese mixture
  • Take the lemon, hold it over the bowl and zest it into the mixture—what does that mean? You are going to shave the bright yellow skin off of the lemon with a zester tool!
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Scoop the mixture up onto a spatula and place in the center of a big serving platter in one big dollop.
  • Surround the cheese with crackers


  • I like to take a loaf of French bread or a baguette, slice it super thin, spread some garlic butter on each slice and toast in a 450 degree oven for 5 minutes and serve with garlic toasted bread 

Thank you for reading my post. Does this sound yummy? If you try it out let me know what you think! All comments are greatly appreciated. Check out more great recipes under my Killer Cookin’ blog category, and if you like what you see, please let me know by “liking” my website and even join my tribe to automatically receive new postings ‘hot off the press’. As always, please feel free to share my information with others who may find interest and value in PR Brady AdVentures! Thanks again!


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  1. I love basil! Great dip Idea, i”ll bring it to Madeline.

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