A Day At The Beach

The weather reports stated severe cold front coming.  Radio stations were advising that if you did have to go out, dress in layers and wear mittens.  The locals were complaining that it was too cold to be out at all.

Still, we ventured out for a day at the beach, or two or three.  After all, it’s 63 degrees!

First stop, Ormond Beach, via the city park.  We were sidetracked into the Ormond City Park on the National Waterways.  Good place to stop and see the bridge over the water, and meet a “Snowbird with a story”. 

After a lovely visit with her, across the bridge we went to Ormond Beach.  Holy Hannah could it be that we were transported to Minnesota crossing that bridge?  Butt kicking mega cold wind!  No one on the beach but me and a few brave gulls. 

Then we traveled north on A1A and stopped at several sections of Ormond beach, hoping for a warmer, and dog friendly area, but with no luck on either.

Finally we arrive to Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation area at Flagler Beach.

Flagler beach—a dog friendly beach!  Thankfully there is far less wind.  Not wanting to be outnumbered by excited canine I take Buddy out first.  We walk up and down the sandy beach.  I try to discreetly throw his orange bumper for him to fetch, despite posted rules ”all dogs must be leashed” everywhere.  The poor guy really needs to get some run time in.  We get away with it for a good 20 minutes. Some days he gets more than others.  Today is not one of the better days.  We go back to the vehicle and the girls get their turn.

Well, girls just wanna have fun, and sure enough mine find it with a couple of hot boy dogs on the beach.  Nothing compares to a 4 dog chain of butt sniffing.  Two girl Lhasas and two boy Scotties.  As the boys owner and I stand trying to keep leashes untangled, we both express our gratitude that people don’t indulge in the same “get to know you” techniques.  After some great romping around and entanglement, the Scotties walk off, leaving my girls in an unrequited love state of mind. It happens.

Then it’s back to the truck for further exploring before sundown.  We turn around and head south, stopping at North Peninsula St Park, and several unmarked ocean side parking areas, then down to Daytona Beach. 

Daytona is a serious tourist focused area. We are early for tourist season.  As I drive around looking for places to park, I envision race season traffic.  I’m glad we’re here now instead of then.  I drive out onto a beach front access point.  It’s gotten cold and windy again, and not too many people are out here with us.  We drive down the coast a little further, and come up on 4 surfer hotties.   Wow, right there are 4 hot guys on surf boards!  Just like the movies!  I watched with genuine curiosity as they tried to ride the waves.  This was my first lesson on the tides.  They had waited until this specific time to show up at Daytona beach to surf when the waves were just right.  How cool is that?  And oh my.  You know the saying if you can’t be good, at least look good?  

They sure looked good!

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