6 Simple Job Search Tips

What Does A “Seasoned Executive” Have To Do These Days To Get A Job?

It’s hard to stay positive when you can’t find a job, experiencing months of being turned away from positions you know you are perfectly qualified for. Positions you know you would excel at. The kinds of positions that you held 15 or more years ago, before you crawled up that corporate latter to eventually run teams, departments or divisions for a company. Those same types of companies don’t even glance at you for lesser positions today–jobs that you know inside and out, and would gladly accept.

Maybe you ran the fast track and held that senior management position for years, but now…..now…..well you’ve come full circle and realize that you are in a different place in life. You are willing to contribute at a different level. You, with your vast expertise, incredible business savvy, knowledge, power, and insights have a wheelhouse full of top shelf capability, yet you would be content with a lower level position. You accept the idea of a lesser salary, and are simply looking to bring value and contribute to an organization’s growth for another 10 or so years. Perhaps help to mentor others within the organization and ease their succession planning strategy. You understand that times have changed, and you want to add value. Not to mention, there’s that irritating little detail that you just plain need a job. You do the research, find those perfect fit companies that you know would be most suited to you, only to be turned away again and again. If all those employers only knew what they were missing out on, passing you by.

It’s pretty frustrating to learn a new college grad with no practical experience got that job instead of you. Heck, you trained in or managed dozens of people to do that kind of job over the years.

But we all know the truth; that hundreds of resumes sit on HR desktops—and every single day recruiters lose out on considering top performers, just trying to manage the sheer numbers of inbound queries with a pre-determined formula that may or may not serve them well. They have to hone down the pile somehow. So, sure, there are some stigmas associated with age and experience. It can be hard to believe someone is willing to take one, two or three steps down just to secure a job. Young and trainable is easier, less expensive. Or so they think. You, more than most, understand company business rules and know how to be a team player. You won’t be bailing any time soon. Apparently they haven’t been in your shoes, worrying how to manage college tuitions, weddings, and other bills looming overhead.

There are hundreds of how-to-get-a-job books on the market; formal classes, seminars and personal coaches to guide you to your next job if you follow all of the steps. It’s all good information and worth trying. There are numerous ways to search for employment, the job hunt is not a “one shoe fits all” process. Each individual has unique, specific circumstances that need to be addressed based on their skillset and industry. That, too, is frustrating to wrap one’s mind around.

So what’s a person to do?

Hang in there for the long haul, keep positive, and keep trying it all until something works.

In the meantime, I’ve carved out 6 simple tips to keep motivated when it’s starting to feel like you’re at the end of your employment search rope. One will be posted each week for the next 6 weeks. Stay tuned and stay the job search course!


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