Toy Hauler Tale, Part 2

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Tow I Go

Or so I thought.  

Instead, I wait in the campground much of Thursday morning for my sales guy to come and tell me what the plan is for the day.  He buzzes up in the golf cart, takes me to their retail store, and advises me what I need to purchase. 

“What comes with the starter kit?” I ask. 

“There is no starter kit.” He responds.

“Everyone gets a starter kit”.  I say.

“We’ve never had starter kits, sorry” He responds.

But I need a hose and a clamp and a converter and vent hoods and adapters and this and that and on and on and on……Did you know that toilet paper for RVs is “special” and has a special cost of about three or four times what normal toilet paper costs?  In fact, everything in that store was crazy expensive.  Welcome to the RV world.  OMG, I just spent $20K and yet I still need so many things to be able to use my Toy Hauler, it seems.  Somehow, ass wipe was the last thing on my mind…..

“I’m not using the toilet, let’s pass on the paper”.

But I do end up buying an $80 hose for “waste” removal, and a $20 bottle of liquid to keep the drains from stinking.  The cashier asks me for my coupon.  What coupon?  The coupon from the RV show.  I don’t have one.  I turn to my salesman.  He doesn’t know about any coupon.  I send him off to go check.

I am feeling so very nervous about this whole purchase experience.  Buyer’s remorse?  Growing distrust of my dealer is starting to overshadow any excitement I had about my Toy Hauler.  Why is it, that everything I ask my salesman about, the answer is “I don’t know”?

My guy comes back.  Apparently I don’t get the “$20 off your first purchase” coupon because they are putting me up at the campground for the week and that is a far better deal. 

The week? THE WEEK?? But I don’t want to be here for a week.  All of my stuff is at another campground two hours away…..

I am feeling so very nervous about this whole purchase experience.

The salesman brings me back to my truck, and I end up going stress shopping for several hours.  While at Home Depot and Walmart I discover some of the very same items he wanted me to purchase are available there, for a fraction of the cost.   I end up buying some groceries and a new two burner hot plate, and return to my Toy Hauler to cook up some dinner.  After waiting a few more hours, the salesman arrives on the golf cart, and brings me back over to the service area. A tech is going to give me a walk through on hooking up the trailer to the truck.  They are still working on the Extend a Room, and someone is working on the TV.    About 5 minutes into the hook up instructions, another tech arrives to give me a walk through on the inside.  I have to sign off on all sorts of paperwork that hasn’t been covered yet from the first guy.

We are running down a list of “here’s how this  works…..” items inside the Toy Hauler.   The tech reaches up into a cabinet, and turns to me.

“And here is your starter kit”.  He says.

I am stupefied.

“Wow, starter kit.  Cool, ok, so what is in it?”  I ask.

We open the box.  Oh, would you look at that.  A roll of special toilet paper, a couple packets of stuff to keep the drains from smelling, some plugs, and oh, what is this?  Why it’s a hose for the waste disposal.

Did I mention, I am feeling so very nervous about this whole purchase experience?

The sun is going down, the techs are supposed to be ending their day, I’m still being shown how to turn on the oven, and it’s clear I won’t be pulling out of there today.

Back to the campground. 

Relax.  We’ll finish in the morning.

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