Toy Hauler Tale, Part 1

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Tow I Go!

Or so I thought.  

Unfortunately, the terms that were agreed to with the RV Dealership I’m working with are slowly unraveling before my eyes and we haven’t even gotten started.  I have been passed to a salesman as my new point of contact.  He informs me he is my ‘go-to guy’ for the rest of our journey together—and do not contact anyone else.  The pick-up point has been changed from a 40 minute drive to a two hour drive.  The salesman said it was really important to make the change so that they can have enough tech support to get everything done.  I absolutely don’t want to deal with a two hour drive when they have a dealership 40 minutes from where I am staying. It’s not what we agreed to.  I advised him I’d be arriving with my 3 dogs, leaving my complete camp site sitting at Secret Spot Park.  I need to have everything installed, ready to use, and be shown what to do with it all, and get back to the park where all my belongings are.  He said that’s fine, they have a place where they will set me up while the work is being done.

Despite my better judgment I agree to the new location.

Still, I am so excited to get up and get on the road!  I am going to pick up my new 28 foot end to end “home on wheels”!  I cannot wait.  What a change this will be—no more ‘me and the kids, piled up on the cot every night’!  No more weather.  No more wildlife invasions.  I’m evolving into a “Faux Camper”.  What a hoot!

Before the campground wakes up, we are up, out and heading north east. A good stretch of the drive on I75 is under construction.  Skinny lanes, cones, and ‘no shoulder” construction.   Oh my, I will have to drive through all this with the toy hauler.  What an intimidating thought. We finally arrive to the dealership in Ocala at 8:15 am Wednesday morning.  

I’m already nervous just pulling in.

Where oh where do I need to go?  It takes 3 stops to find out where I’m supposed to actually go within the dealership.  Then another search to find my salesman, even though he should be expecting me.  Ah—finally, here he is.  Well, he’s very busy but at least we get started. I ask him if everything is ready to go.  He is skirting my questions.  They are getting things ready now, just waiting for the Extend a Room to get here.  To get here??  Let’s drop off the truck.  They will get the towing parts onto my truck while they wait for the rest to get there. 

I am getting more nervous.

He brings me over to their waiting area.  The deal was, everything would be ready to go.  It’s not.

Me and the dogs sit, throughout the morning, along the front side of a recreation building.  I should have brought food.  The sales guy drives by a couple times on a golf cart to tell me they are working on things, to tell me he is going to lunch, to tell me he is going to find me a car so I can go get lunch.  It never happens.  Then, by about 2:00 my truck is done, so I can take it to go find a quick lunch. Yeah I’m peeved, but I take off and find the cutest little restaurant, Dee Dee’s Dog House, and have a mouthwatering wonderful Reuben sandwich.


I come back, and they are still working on my Toy Hauler.  The TV isn’t on yet.  The Extend A Room isn’t on yet.  The vinyl back enclosure isn’t installed. The sun is going down.  Clearly I will not be pulling away today.  They have the Extend a room on backwards.  The technicians pull my Toy Hauler over to their campground, and set me up on a campsite for the night.  They plug in to power. 

Relax, we’ll finish in the morning.

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