The Plan, PR’s Big Adventure

It all started last winter when I felt compelled to visit the people I care most about who live far away from me.  I was feeling very stuck.  Then it evolved into feeling like I was missing out.  Then, it became a full blown need to take charge and TAKE OFF…..

Then on Sunday, November 18th at 11 pm we pulled out of the driveway with my truck packed for an extended adventure, and my three dogs wagging tails, riding shotgun–no looking back.

The adventure has begun!

A week has past.  So far, we headed southeast through the night, and within three days visited friends from one end of Pennsylvania to the other. And now here I am, over 900 miles away from home in the Pocono Mountains wrapping up Thanksgiving with my very dear childhood friend and her family.

The immediate plan is to get in some quality time with my extended family, hiking and exploring the area, eventually landing in New Jersey where they actually reside, and possibly taking part in some holiday festivities East Coast style.

There are no real timelines.  The plan continues by heading straight south along the shoreline, camping, hiking and exploring, finally arriving to Florida to visit several friends there, and hopefully hook up with a pig hunt, turkey hunt and maybe even a deer hunt in the Sunshine state.

Eventually we will turn back north, but taking the most scenic route back as we camp our way back home.  Our ETA is yet to be determined.

What’s not to love about that?

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